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Interactive Streamgraph D3

d3.js: force layout; click to group/bundle nodes

d3.js: collision detection

Interactive Streamgraph D3

Polybrush Example

d3 bootstrap popovers (fix)

d3.js [vanilla/mbostock]: axes examples - reduced

create HTML5 input type nodes using d3.js

d3 bootstrap popovers (exhibit A)

HTML5 Canvas path benchmark (various composition modes)

d3.js [vanilla/mbostock]: axes examples

D3 using nest on csv data

d3.js: force layout with self-referencing links

show XML and JSON error handling in D3

Chained Transitions and other gist index by user

mootools Request leak test

D3.js: click on TEXT node in SVG graph to edit its contents

Basic CSV Parsing

csv is just a file in a gist

Interactive Force-Directed Layout (D3)

d3.js: quantitative foci

Drag Multiples

d3.js: quantitative foci (radial)

d3.js: load Adobe Photoshop ASE color palette file to color graph

San Francisco Bay sea level rise projection

San Francisco Bay sea level rise projection

Scatterplot (Canvas)

Help on mapping to Cartesian coordinate

Help on mapping to Cartesian coordinate (log scale)

d3.js: axis new and vanilla comparison side-by-side

d3.js: Q: pack layout with images

d3.js: mouse drag a la iphone: decceleration

d3.bisect() usage to get Y value for mouse X where x axis is a timestamp/date

D3 Radial Hub and Spoke Chart Mixed in With HTML Layout Constructs


showcase non-integer pixel sizes reported by FireFox (and how mootools struggles with those)

locale semi-agnostic string to float conversion [JavaScript]

D3 PJAX (& execute JS loaded through the d3.html() request as well)

d3.js: show tooltip in absolutely positioned DIV, which position is calculated taking screen size+scroll into consideration

svg -> foreign object -> iframe to load and render arbitrary html inside SVG (based on Matt Finkle article)

HTML5 Canvas path benchmark ('source-over' composition mode)

d3.js: axes examples (scientific, classical) with constant and adjusting subtick counts

d3.js: using tree layout for graphs which have nodes with multiple 'parents'

JavaScript: a state-machine-based lexer + recursive descent (LL(k)) grammar parser + abstract syntax tree (AST) + generator

d3.js: high dynamic range in the data where you want it by picking a suitable log() offset

d3.js: using layout.force to plot tree graphs (where nodes may have multiple parents) - Part 1: pure tree

d3.js calendar done as horizontal strip + mouse hover based smooth horizontal scrolling

Force tree transition chaining (incrementally showing nodes and links in a force graph)

Force tree transition chaining (incrementally showing nodes and links in a force graph); single nodes appear incrementally

d3.js: positive/negative stacked bar chart with sum line / bar (flex layout)

d3.js: force layout with 'pinning' nodes after dragging (SHIFT or CTRL key)

d3.js: force layout: using custom tick handler to draw a tree/hierarchy

d3.js: Mike Bostocks talk (2011/09) as gist (force layout with multiple foci examples)