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Movie Genre, Rating and Budget

Vertical Calendar View

Teacher Wages

Pictogram Table

Wind speed

Isometric map

Shape Objects

Arc Field

Denali Elevation Profiles

K-D Tree Nearest Neighbors (k-NN)

State Lotteries

NBA Attendance

Bubbly Jobs Chart

Fantasy Football Scores

Neighboring Geography Selection

HSL Decomposition 2

HSL Decomposition

Circular Geography Selection

Triangular Tessellation

Life on the Mississippi

Slimy Text

Proj4/WKT + D3

NYC Ancestry

Declining Share of Manufacturing Jobs

Shaded Relief Map

Map Annotation

Icon Array

Small Multiple Choropleth Map

Fixed-Radius Near Neighbors

Triangular Binning I

Triangular Binning II

K-D Tree Nearest Neighbor

Text Clip Path

Transparency Gradient Border

Munsell Color

In-browser GIS buffer

Blurry Blots

Maryland Contour Map

React Scatterplot

Missing square puzzle

Split bar chart


Map with Pixi.js + D3

Arithmopleth map

Playing with the Satellite Projection

World Tour along Flying Arcs

2D/3D Scatterplot

Scatterplot with Tufte Axes

Labeling Nearest Points

Floating Particles

Line Arrow

HSL Grid

Zoomable US States

Convert SVG to Image

Convert SVG to Canvas

Draw a Text Path

Ring Notes

Chart Annotation

K-Nearest Neighbors

Visualizing Distributions

Alcohol Impaired Driving Deaths

Point Grid Cartogram

Multivariate linear regression

Isometric Projection