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World map of Internet over time

a thematic map about internet worldwide utilization from 1996 till 2011


This is the final class assignment for Maps and the Geospatial Revolution.

With this map I wanted to visualize the evolution of Internet usage in time. It can also help understandanding the so called Internet divide between countries.

Look & feel

Implementation details

I used D3.js and took inspiration, i.e. code snippets, from the following examples:

Data sources

   $ ogr2ogr -f GeoJSON  \
        -sql "SELECT ADM0_A3 as a3, NAME as name, iso_n3 as id from ne_10m_admin_0_countries" \
        countries.json \
   $ topojson -q 1e5 --id-property=a3 -p name -p n3=id -o world-50m.json countries.json