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Force-Directed Graph with Drag/Zoom/Pan/Center/Resize/Labels/Shapes/Filter/Highlight

Force directed Graph with:

  1. Dragable nodes
  2. Zoom and pan (with maximum effective-size limit for zoomed elements)
  3. Double-click to center node
  4. Resizable window (with zoom/pan-aware relocation of center of gravity)
  5. Text labels (which are not occluded by nodes; flag to set centered/offset)
  6. Properties determine node size and shape, and node and link colors (with default values; flag to set fill/outline).
  7. Filter nodes by shape (c,d,r,s,t,x), by score (l,h,m), if orphan (0), and filter links by score (1,2,3)
  8. Hover to highlight 1st-order neighborhood. Click to fade surroundings
  9. Read graph from json file