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Geographic Bounding Boxes

A geographic bounding box for each country from Natural Earth’s 1:110m Cultural Vectors (Admin 0 - Countries).

A minimum bounding box in geographic coordinates is an area defined by minimum and maximum longitudes and latitudes.

# d3.geo.bounds(feature) -- (source)

Returns the spherical bounding box for the specified feature. The bounding box is represented by a two-dimensional array: [​[left, bottom], [right, top]​], where left is the minimum longitude, bottom is the minimum latitude, right is maximum longitude, and top is the maximum latitude.

Data: see console of full windows view, with data such :
{"W":97.3717371737174; "S":5.688035433543348; "E":105.58055805580562; "N":20.414615115511538; "item":"Thailand"},