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Brushable Scatterplot/Choropleth

Block-a-Day #2. A brush interaction on a scatterplot filters a choropleth showing the Y axis variable.

Data Sources: State of Obesity and 2014 ACS.

What I Learned: This is kinda a quickie as I ran into an issue with the planned block, but I had never used D3-brush before.

What I'd Do With More Time: I'd probably add a mouseover to the map so the association between the charts is two-way.


Just what it sounds like. For fifteen days, I will make a D3.js v4 block every single day. Rules:

  1. Ideas over implementation. Do something novel, don't sweat the details.
  2. No more than two hours can be spent on coding (give or take).
  3. Every. Single. Day.


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