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Super smooth Sunburst Labels v4

Who doesn't love sunbursts? Visit my blog for more.

Super smooth labels, that move cleanly with centroid (using their own tween) and fade when their arc is too small. Previously, labels leveraged the tween for the arc segements, but they seemed to take an abbreviated path, flying off course a bit, so I (and others) hid the labels during most of their tween trip to minimize the effect. These stick right with centroid.

This sunburst also redraws based on underly data updates (specifically, the slice sizes are either based on "size" (where each outer slice =1) or grpsize (where each outer slice is sized based on the number of chapters in that book).

A bug, a wish, and a dream:

Each time the visual is refreshed, it chooses one of 6 color palette from Mary Stribley's Website Color Schemes.

Found this on github? See it working at /denjn5.

forked from denjn5's block: Super smooth Sunburst Labels v4