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Zoomable Dynamically Updating Sunburst (D3 version 4)

Who doesn't love sunbursts? Visit my blog for more.

I updated Kerry Rodden’s Zoomable sunburst with updating data to D3 version 4. His work was based on Mike Bostock's Zoomable Sunburst and Sunburst Partition examples. He'd overcome some challenging tween issues (nicely done!). I added an opening tween in arcTweenData() that animates the sunburst creation, growing it from 0, and streamlines the tweening process (no longer need to stash() previous x0 and x1 values).

The hierarchical dataset is built the fly. It starts as a string quote in English, with the original language words in brackets. I dynamically analyze and transform it using regex, jQuery, and d3-hierarchy. The user can toggle between modes: "Linear" (words in order they appear in English) and "Grouped" (only show directly-translated words, and group them by first appearance). I don't change the dataset on the fly, instead change the source of the slice sizing from d.size to d.grpSize. Each node object has the form: {name: "g1063", size: 1, grpSize: 2, parent: 0, word: "g1063", eWord: "For"}.

The continuous coloration scheme leverages d3.scaleLinear() thanks to Jerome Cukier's excellent post d3: scales, and color. The palettes are from Mary Stribley's Website Color Schemes.

Click on any arc to zoom in, and click on the center circle to zoom out. Use the Linear/Grouped radio buttons to update the data.

Found this on github? See it working at /denjn5.

forked from denjn5's block: Zoomable Dynamically Updating Sunburst (D3 version 4)