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TopoJSON Poly Style MB

I wanted to try using topojson with this fancy omnivore plugin for leaflet/mapbox.js and then I wanted to style up my data a little. This is the result. The polygons represent the California Congressional Assembly Districts and the one I get to vote for the representative of is colored orange. Hopefully I'll dive in more and see if I can make something a little more meaningful. For a little bit of how I made the data to put on the map see below:

Got some data from we draw the lines [] in shp file format. Used QGIS using grass (I think, maybe gdal, I don't usually know what I'm doing) to convert that jam to geojson. That file was still fricking big at 10.7 mb so I might see how it does in the old topojson or simplify it a bit.

A command line topojson gotcha I've done at least a couple times is not add the properties to my new file w/ the -p guy as in:

topojson -o calAss1.json -p -- assemD2011.geojson