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Folium Vincent/Vega Markers

A Leaflet.js map created with Folium- click on the markers to see the Vincent/Vega visualization. To see the Python code used to create the visualizations, see the [Gist](A Leaflet.js map created with Folium. This map was generated with the following Python code:). The map was generated with the following Python code:

buoy_map = folium.Map(location=[46.3014, -123.7390], zoom_start=7,
                      tiles='Stamen Terrain')
buoy_map.polygon_marker([47.3489, -124.708], fill_color='#43d9de', radius=12,
                        popup=(vis1, 'vis1.json'))
buoy_map.polygon_marker([44.639, -124.5339], fill_color='#43d9de', radius=12,
                        popup=(vis2, 'vis2.json'))
buoy_map.polygon_marker([46.216, -124.1280], fill_color='#43d9de', radius=12,
                        popup=(vis3, 'vis3.json'))