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The Iris Dataset

Data Canvas Part 1 - Data

Download SVG from Data URL

Data Canvas Part 8 - Zooming

Data Canvas Part 7 - Scatter Lines

Data Canvas Part 5 - More Data

Earth at Night

Radial Colors

Cross Country Trip

Stylized Scatter Plot with Color Legend

Raster & Vector I

Example histogram using pareto distribution.

Stacked Bars

Grouped Bars

Reactive Mixins for Visualizations

Story of Chiasm


Crossfilter & Chiasm

Focus + Context Area Charts

Focus + Context Scatter Plots

Bootstrap Grid Example

Fundamental Visualizations

Graphical Perception

Density-based Ticks

Map & Globe

Responding to Resize

Dynamic Size

Reusable Scatter Plot

Multi-Line Voronoi 2015

Chiasm Foundation

Using d3-legend

Incremental Data Loading

Generalizing D3 patterns ad infinitum

Standalone Line Chart

Standalone Scatter Plot

The Reactivis Concept

D3 & Font-Awesome

Unemployment in San Mateo County

Reusable Scatter Plot with Model.js

Axis Styles via JavaScript

Religions Bar Chart

Horizontal Bar Chart

Texture Scales

World City Explorer

Color and Texture with textures.js

Chiasm Kitchen Sink

Live Temperature by City

Chiasm Layout Example

Chiasm Bar Chart and Line Chart

Scatter Plot Zooming

Reactive Flow Diagram

Scatter Plot

Data Canvas Part 4 - Colors

Picking N Colors Automatically

Data Canvas Part 3 - Bar Chart

Data Canvas Part 2 - Line Chart

Fusillade à Paris

Tilted Axis Labels

Lynchings by State Donut Charts

Lynchings by State Pie Charts

Sized Pie Charts

Sized Donut Charts

Blocks Graph with Links

Invitations Links Map

Blocks Graph

Pie Chart Small Multiples

Blocks Graph Edges Only

Donut Chart Small Multiples

Polar Area Diagram

Religions Donut Chart

Religions Pie Chart

Bootstrap + Chiasm

Colored Bar Chart

Splitting a Rectangle

[unlisted] Stacked Density and Quantile Graphs

Chart Types

Stacked Area Chart

Country Centroids on a Map

Sortable Slices


Useless Vis

Streamgraph with Padding

Chiasm-Charts v0.1.5

Mother Jones Gun Violence Dataset

Interactive Scatter Plot

Chiasm-Charts v0.1.2

Stacked Area Chart

Kernel Density Estimation with Science.js

Multi-Line Chart of Largest Countries

Tweet Times with LOESS Curve

Tree Fractal with COLORS!

Tree Fractal with SVG (broken)

Tree Fractal with SVG

Radial Cantor Set


Moon Calendar 2017

[unlisted] Google Maps + D3

Global Migration in 2015

[unlisted] Tile by Bounding Box (wrap update)

World Countries Hierarchy

D3 4.0 Sequential Scales Explorer

Raster & Vector 4.0

Staggered Donut Chart

Radial Bar Chart


Graph Diagram Editor

Temperature Around Bangalore

Observer Pattern Benchmarks

Dynamic Baseball Scatter Plot

Religions of Largest 20 Countries

Robot Painter

Animated Fractal Pie Chart

Histogram Smoothing

Jagged Hello

Airport Clocks

Scatter Plot with Menus

Posts with d3-component

Small Multiples with Reusable Charts

Popping Effect

Extremist Murders in the US

Scatter Plot Axis Labels

How Americans Spend Time

Customized Axes

Scatter Plot with Size Legend

Scatter Plot with Color Legend

Persons of Concern StreamGraph by Origin

Persons of Concern StreamGraph by Destination

Labeled Streamgraph

Syrian Refugees by Settlement Type

[unlisted] Test

Donut Chart

Line Chart of Temperature

Line Chart with Circles

Pie Chart

Scatter Plot with Time Axis

Tilted Labels

Horizontal Bar Chart

Bar Chart of Internet Users Per Country

Lollipop Chart

Scatter Plot with Ordinal Axis

Visual List Library

Object Constancy in Animated Transitions

Demo of d3-boxes

Cities on the Globe

Orthographic Zoom III

Aggregated Foreign born population in Canada

All Foreign born population in Canada

[unlisted] Canadian population born in Europe and US

150 years of immigration in Canada

Trump Topics Streamgraph

Happiness Score by Country 2017

Maddison Historical GDP per Capita

[unlisted] assignment_graphic

Choropleth Map with Interactive Filtering

d3-tile wrapping

Raster & Vector III

Raster & Vector II

Raster & Vector IV

Tile by Bounding Box

d3-tile tileSize

Compare Colors

Axes with Model.js

Reactive Mixins

Margin Convention with Model.js

D3 Slider

Model.js Dynamic Scatter Plot

Chiasm Boilerplate

Spinny Loading Icon

Wave Simulation

D3 Links Example

href on d3 objects

Towards Reusable Charts Example

ModelJS firstName lastName

Standalone Bar Chart

Largest 5 Countries

Polar Area Small Multiples

World Population Single Bar

Introducing d3.layout.pie

Colored Circle Area Chart

Nest & Stack

D3 Stack Layout

Circle Area Chart

Religions Bar Chart

Empty Boxes

Iris Dataset Scatter Plot

Tree Fractal with Circles

Negative Relative Time Ticks

X Foo Button

Chiasm-Charts v0.1.0

World Population Area Chart

Loess with science.js

World Population Line Chart

Reusable Bar Chart

[Unlisted] Line Chart Example

SVG Basics

Cantor Set

HTML Starter

React + D3 Boilerplate

[unlisted] Raster & Vector III (wrap update)

[unlisted] Raster & Vector II (wrap update)

Linked Scatter Plot and Bar Chart


Indian Number System Format

[unlisted] Using Literal Data

Margin Convention II with ReactiveModel

Margin Convention with ReactiveModel

Responsive Axes with ReactiveModel

Full Name Greeting with ReactiveModel

Responding to Resize with ReactiveModel

Composable Visualization Test

[unlisted] Using a sqrt scale

[unlisted] Inline Data Example

Loading CSV Diagram

Fractal Pie Chart Art

Fractal Pie Chart

[unlisted] Poorly Performing Clock


Spinner with d3-component

Sine Wave Circles

Responding to Resize with Text

Multiple Axes Experiment

Trump Banned Countries

Fullsize.js Prototype

The Vibratory Effect of Texture

Live Weather Data

Spans Example

Hello D3 with Data


Margin Convention with Scatter Plot

Basic Scatter Plot with Axes

Basic Scatter Plot

Loading CSV Data

Theme Experiment

Nested General Update Pattern

[unlisted] Refugees Streamgraph

[unlisted] D3 using nest on csv data

[unlisted] Brush & Zoom with Line

[unlisted] Slices of the Pie

[unlisted] fresh block

[unlisted] fresh block

[unlisted] Menlo Park Faces

[unlisted] Bitcoin Prices Line Chart

[unlisted] Internet Users in 2017

IMDB-Rate vs Facebook-Likes

[unlisted] College choices

How many shades of blue do you need?

Global Cities Scatterplot

Nested General Update Pattern

Bar Chart with Text First Attempt

Using Classes with the General Update Pattern

Data Driven Changes

Semiotic Test

Render Function Concept

[unlisted] Satellites by Countries Interactive

General Update Pattern with Text

[unlisted] Stylized Scatter Plot with Color Legend

[unlisted] NOT WORKING

Orthographic Zoom II

Flat Earth Map

Rohingya Refugees in Cox's Bazar and Fires in Myanmar


Spinning Globe

Orthographic Zoom I

Global CO2 Emissions 1751-2014

[unlisted] Rate of Incumbents vs average rate over time

[unlisted] Recreate Marks & Channel

CodeMirror 6 Example

[unlisted] CodeMirror 6 Dynamic Line Height Example

[unlisted] CodeMirror 6 Prerelease Example

Hello Svelte

Box Plot in Chiasm

D3js and Polymer Web Components

Lynchings by State Pie Charts First Attempt

[unlisted] grouped bar experimenting

Stacked Area Chart

Hello React

Polar Area

Crime by Race Dataset (Normalized)

Crime by Race Dataset (Normalized)

Crime by Race Dataset

Magic Bar Chart II

[UNLISTED] Pseudo Bar Chart VI

[UNLISTED] Pseudo Bar Chart V

Bar Chart with ReactiveModel

Pseudo Bar Chart III

Pseudo Bar Chart II

Pseudo Bar Chart I

React Boilerplate [UNLISTED]

[unlisted] D3 Transition Test

[unlisted] D3 Transition Test

[unlisted] Raster & Vector IV (wrap update)

[unlisted] Raster & Vector I (wrap update)

[unlisted] Labeled Force Layout with D3 4.0

[unlisted] McCann Style Map (State Grid Map)

[unlisted] WIP Mushroom Chart

[unlisted] Scatter Plot Template

[unlisted] Straight line fix

[unlisted] tickSizeOuter(0) not straight line

D3 Custom Bundle with Webpack

Hello d3-component

[unlisted] D3 Custom Bundle from "d3" package

[unlisted] Life and Times of H. R. McMaster - Rough Draft 1

[UNLISTED] Music Symbol

[UNLISTED] Exit Lost After Merge (II)

[UNLISTED] Exit Lost After Merge

[UNLISTED] Using Merge

[UNLISTED] helping someone

[UNLISTED] Simplest Reusable Chart

[unlisted] Kenya Destinations StreamGraph

[unlisted] Kenya Origins StreamGraph

[unlisted] Slices of the Pie

[unlisted] Logo

[unlisted] Faces

[unlisted] Faces

[unlisted] Root Rotation Animated Fractal Pie Chart

[unlisted] Age vs. Systolic Blood pressure

[unlisted] Fixed Anqi Data Table Summary

Data Table Summary

US Map of Nielsen Media Markets

Aggregation with Datalib

Margin Convention Encapsulation Idea

Data Driven SVG Text

Basic Text in SVG

[unlisted] Satellites by Countries Interactive

[unlisted] fresh block

[unlisted] fresh block

[unlisted] Resizable choropleth map

Basic General Update Pattern

[unlisted] Re-create Marks & Channels Graphic

[unlisted] Firearm Purchases per Capita

[unlisted] US National Park Visits 2016

Data Table Summary Abalone

Scatter Plot with Menus X Y Only Simple Dots

Scatter Plot with Menus X Y Only

[unlisted] map boxes

Map with circles

Scatterplot Pills

Choropleth map with selectable countries

Simplified Globe


[unlisted] Foreign born population in Canada, selected regions






Relation Between Income And Health Expectancy In Different Countries



[unlisted] Resize - Mobile Cellular Subscriptions in United States

[unlisted] Data Table Summary - Global CO2 Emissions 1751-2014