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HindSight: Bubbly Jobs Chart

Applying HindSight to...

Each bubble is an occupation. Hover bubbles to see info on that occupation

The size of the bubble shows how many jobs in this occupation there are in the US in 2014. Bubbles on the left are lower paying occupations and bubbles on the right are higher paying jobs. Bubbles are bunched vertically into larger occupation categories (management occupations, production occupations, etc.).

Uses the d3.forceChart() plugin to draw the bubble layout. Design inspired by this graphic from the New York Times. Data source: Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Notes: Because this uses a force layout for bubble positioning, the x-axis only approximates where an occupation's bubble should be based on its wage. Wages from this dataset are top-coded at $187,000. Wages for jobs at this top-coded level may, in reality, have higher median annual wages.

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