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From CSV to HTML table (Simple)

Party Trend (Multi-Party Display)

Map of Hacking Team customers

World Map

Party Votes

Confidence Interval

Party Trend (Single-Party Display)

Finanslov 2014

World Map (Multicolour)

Meningsmålingstendenser op til 27/11-14

mbostock’s vertical bar chart example

Coalition Majority

Relative Budgets

From CSV to HTML table (Advanced)

The 2014 Budget in Context

Majority chart

Testing bl.ocks.

Symmetric Stack Chart

Map Test

Sample Sizes

Sample size and standard error

fv15 Trend Chart

People who sought asylum in Denmark in 2014

Swedish Polls ’14–’15

Trend Line (non-linear)

Regression Line

Løkke vs. Vestager

Visualisering af statistisk usikkerhed i Megafon-måling 27/11-14

Problems making loess() work; loess returns same values as original input