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Trump support vs. distance from major city

Visualizationifyizing the weak positive correlation between distance from the nearest major city and the support for Trump vs. Clinton in the general election. This continues my translating-counties-around-in-silly-ways series: distance from coast vs. primary result, distance from coast vs. general result, and this nonsense.

The result is uninteresting; I just wanted to try the chained transition illustrating the "methodology", such as it is. All data graphics should be data+code graphics! Since there's ultimately no difference between data and code. :) You could even visualize provenance etc. Object constancy baby. Every graphic a geometric proof of itself. Etc etc etc.

You can view up to the 1,000 largest cities (actually 998 because I exclude Alaska and Hawaii...) by appending a ?n=50 query string to the raw version (default is 50). E.g.: 2 cities; 998 cities.

TODO: Also figure out how these cities voted, or just align them with their counties. Hm. Obvious oversight, sorry.