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Florida Gun Deaths - Inverted Bar Chart

Florida Gun Deaths


JS Events - Change Style

Sankey Diagram with v4

Sankey chart with links sorted by category

Sankey chart with links sorted by category

3D Donut

Collision + foci

Force layout node-link

multiple layers: gridLayer and tileLayer

Nohemi_Voglozin_ GES778_FP_FV

Nohemi's GES 778 FP_Final_VF4

Nohemi's GES 778 FP_Final_VF3

Nohemi's GES 778 FP_Final_VF3

Nohemi's GES 778 FP_Final_VF2

Nohemi's GES 778 FP_Final_VF1


GES 778_Final_Project_Final_Final

GES 778_Final_Project_Final_Final

Nohemi's GES 778 Final Project_2

Nohemi's GES 778 Final Project_Final





Circle Dragging I

Vector Tiles & Zoom_HW10

Vector Tiles & Zoom_HW10

Vector Tiles & Zoom_HW10_test






Class 3_Earthquake


Bar Chart I

Date slider

Date slider - filtering data

cell occupation2

cell occupation2

NYC noise complaints in geojson using D3.v4

Zoomable area chart

Links with bezier curves

Random pseudo-circles concave hull

Polygon concave hull test

Random pseudo-circles

Random pseudo-circles concave hull

Force Dragging III

me bar chart

Interactive tool for creating directed graphs using d3.js.

The Force with React + D3, Approach #2

The Force with React + D3, Approach #1

The Force with React + D3, Approach #3

React + D3 Boilerplate

zoomable, draggable force layout with labels

zoomable, draggable force layout with labels

d3-force testing ground

The Force with React + D3, Approach #3


4.0 Color Scales - Ordinal

The Multi-Armed Bandit

My Final project

thursday evening


Trying to display "Percent" Pop under 5

var percent not defined error

homework 5 final

class 4 - states // source

homework 4

pretty simple flower (many SVGs)

Using groups - circles and numbers

with legend added


Draw a Text Path

d3-annotation v2.0

Radar Chart Redesign

Projection explorer

Weighted pivot scatter plot v3

Collapsible tree diagram in v4

simple grid

bar chart

d3-force-cluster + d3-force-attract I

[graph] force layout (d3 v4)

Urquhart Force Mesh Dance Procrastination

d3-force-cluster + d3-force-attract II

cluster force w/ drag 00

cluster force II

Circle Dragging III

Canvas Spline Editor

geoMercatorEquatorialGuinea example

geoMercatorMalaysia example

Playing with geo2rect

Animating a Circle Outside a Circle

Moving a Circle Outside a Circle

Drawing a Circle Outside a Circle

Feeding Data to an Animation of a Circle Outside a Circle

Final Ebola Map

ebola dots on a map

MetaG Site

Final Project new color scale

Final Project Blue

Final Project

Final Project Mouseover needed

Drag Event Fixed

Final Project

Project Scale

Final Project (submission)

Homework 4

Homework 4

Homework 6

Alpha Frequency

joining data

updating elements (inspired by d3indepth)



the enrollment cycle

Projet (V3)

Projet (V3)

california population per square mile

walmart stores across america

2016 Presidential Election: Percentage Republican by County

2016 Presidential Election: Percentage Democratic by County

2016 Presidential Election: Percentage Democratic by State

2016 Presidential Election: Percentage Republican by State


D3: How you can use Tooltips in v4

creepy colors

hex gradient (inspired by nbremer)

simple graph

geo projections: part 2

aframe + d3 test: text labels

Ckmeans Algorithm Visualization [Work in Progress]

Gene visual

basic d3 scatter plot

VR 3D bar chart with tooltips with A-Frame and D3

Text attribute control in A-Frame

D3.js Boxplot with Axes and Labels

Helpful Links (Summer STEM Workshop)


Zoom & Panning bounds + clipping

Force split and unite on canvas

d3-force-cluster + d3-force-attract II


SVG download module

module test

Path Transition

FizzBuzz Table

D3 v4 - SlopeChart

D3 v4 - Responsive Chart Example

Inversion with ordinal scale

SFPD Incidents by Neighborhood

CSS3 Multi-Column Layout Module Demo

Really Responsive Tables using CSS Flexbox (complex)

CSS Only Accordion

Various jQuery input Selectors

Complete contentEditable Inline Editor

Find and Replace Plugin Options

A WYSIWYG Rich Text Editor with contentEditable attribute

commission bars

jQuery Find Replace Plugin

vega-lite test2

Simple Blocks

vega-lite testing

Interactive drag and drop weekly course schedule.

drag n drop matrix

Project to Bounding Box

d3 Alan 20170511

Radar plot

stacked bar3

stacked bar3

Visa requirements in Arab countries

Hello World



Motion mask

箱根駅伝 2016 出身校マップ azure api

箱根駅伝 2016 出身校マップ

2015-01-11 Saga Gubernatorial Election

D3 chart training

Film Flowers #axidraw

Metis Class 3 Starter Block

Metis Dataviz Class 1

Lab Color Space Animation

Anscombe's Quartet, Group II, v4

都道府県別 人口の推移

Circle Wave

LotR words - Who's speaking in Middle Earth

SORT growth

SORT Growth- 10 Year

SORT Growth

Practica D3 Utad-EDS

Practica D3 Utad-EDS

d3.touches array data on touch

D3 MindMap

bar chart test

Zoomable Treemaps w/ Color

colorScale d3v4 tejas

line chart in d3v4

Getting Started with D3 Ch3_Ex1

line chart in d3v4

first block

React + D3 Boilerplate

How to highlight a polygon when hovering on a CARTO layer

Carousel test

Best House on the Bloc

force layout with multiple links between nodes

Evanston Property Tax Viewer

Dots On A Map #3: circle selector component

dots on a map: video #2 set up

Laughlin choropleth+hover+popup

Evanston map - popup w more info

Force Piles

Radar Chart

Open-high-low-close chart

Surplus/deficit filled line II

Surplus/deficit filled line I

Guess The Ratio

Connected Dot Plot

Visualising Ratios

Draggable Connected Dot Plot

Radial Line Chart

London Grid Rect2Geo

London Grid with Geo Shapes

Small Multiples Area Chart

GTA V5 style easing

London Constituency Grid Layout

some css layouts I've used, an ongoing collection

都道府県別 人口の推移

UK numberplate style

Matterjs Trial

Spiraling Birds

using external SVG icons with an icon array

Boid Sort of Works

aframe + d3 test

Collapsing high-dimensional normal distributions

Wiggly line (for Alan maybe? I forget)


The exponential curve has no knee

Zoomable Icicle (d3 v4)

sparkline in datatable with tooltip

structure of d3 flattree with datatables

leaflet.extras sunburst

structure 2 of d3 flattree with datatables

R mapedit playback with d3 + flubber

Using Concaveman in R using V8 with beeswarm (fork)

my first Vue component (ugly) - d3 treemap

R base graphics with d3-annotation

geo pivot table with turf

Horizon Chart d3v4

d3fc for R as htmlwidget (try drag)

R leaflet addRasterImage

EventDrops in R

NBA Game with R eventdropR htmlwidget

vue element components (tree) in R

react + antd from R with reactR

R plotly + defiant.js with crosstalk

more sparklines + formattable

US Yields with R sparkline

Victory Charts from R with reactR (version 2)

Victory Charts from R with reactR

R htmlwidgets look at UA Calvin Ridley

Horizon bar chart v3 (mirror v offset)

d3.layout.timeline categorized timelines

Connecting dots

dots along a path

dots along a path

Line Transition with min/max call out

Projection explorer

Horizon bar chart

Offset cy

Wheat plot

Wheat plot - variable bands

Radar v0.3

Radar v0.2

Radar v0.1

animating dots along a path

Makeover Monday slopechart

paired matrix

bar chart matrix

bar chart matrix

Square matrix

Square matrix

Makeover Monday - Valentines

都道府県別 人口の推移

都道府県別 人口の推移



The Wealth & Health of Nations

d3 | keypress/keyboard events

Dynamic 3D Graph


Single path dasharray

Streamgraph label positions #2

SVG pixelation

Gradual pixelation

Trembling triangle

Trembling triangle #2

Sand spiral

Triangulation morphing

Matrícula en sala de 5 años

Linked Micromaps Plots

Brushable horizontal bar chart

Donut Chart

d3 | Force layout with images

ordinal mulit line curve

R d3.js d3horizon with hover zoom

Scatter plot pivot

Analyzing Spanning Trees

Height Functions (Topology)

Chiasm-Charts v0.1.5

Growth chart

Mod 5 Charts

Slider Control

Control Patch

scatter - interactive regression

D3 matrix, with sort and grouping

Resizable board

Graph Experiments I

dynamic network - highlight last edge

Multi-line graph 4: Toggle

A fishbone editor

D3 for layout management


Recessions and Recoveries

A dagre dependency graph.

Superformula Explorer

2D/3D Scatterplot

Simple tree

Graph Diagram Editor

custom tree layout sketch

regl dots streaming

regl triangle moving and using props

regl triangle moving in a loop

regl triangle in a loop

basic regl triangle



Spinning Ovals II

Spinning Ovals III

Spinning Ovals

Octocat Force Layout

Transition hacking

DIY genome map

Humanitarian mapping with Openstreetmap

VT collective impact conference 2016: Open Data primer

d3.v4 linegraph with gradient

Ternary plot

Ch. 5, Fig. 28 - D3.js in Action

Chart Slider

Donut Transitions

D3 Brush and Tooltip II

Pie Chart Labels with missing data


Scatter plot brushing

Ex. 5 Scatterplot with cross-linked mouseover


Animated Typing

An issue i'm having with the d3 update pattern



spline editor with animation

Plant Hardiness Zones


Projet Data Visualisation

simple line chart from dataset

spatialsankey.js - visualizing flows on a leaflet map

US Electoral Map Sized by Electoral Votes

Easing - vertical

Pie Chart

matrix component

Gocagne Logotype

Material Dashboard

Grabbing census tracts around Oakland, messing with Turf

Basic Usage

Theme Picker

AngularJS 1.5.* + Bootstrap Example

News Feed

Angular + Firebase + OAuth

Material Design Media Object

AngularFire Data Table

AngularJS with Firebase Demo

Drawing a Scatterplot

Enter, Exit, Update

sin circle

Normal distribution


D3v4 Dependencies Graph

Automatic Table of Contents

Material Compact Login Animation

My Portfolio Site


Personal Best High Jumps for Two High Jumpers

d3-maximize demo

Pure CSS Modal Box

read more

Button Overrides

JS Bin // source

Swipe com Slick, usando slider com multi gestos.

A * (A Star) Algorithm written in javascript, and a test

On hover change another element

Simple d3.js Tree Diagram with styling

Custom hex projection

Simple hover effect

Info Card sample

Sample contacts

d3.js Example

Vertical Menu with Submenu

Sample menu

WebGL Galaxy

Full Page Parallax Scroll Effect

Dawson's Portfolio

Leaflet.draw plugin with options set.

D3 Chart test, re-size horizontally

Rapid implementation of a ternary plot with d3js

d3 chart example

Solar System Simulator 2.0 Pure CSS

Collapsible Indented Tree index page

Tearable Cloth

Ultimate FreeNAS Setup

Real oil prices annotated line chart

Metis Stacked Bar Chart - Refugees 2015

Metis Stack Chart CO2 emissions by Fuel Type and Vehicle

Metis Health & Wealth of Nations Country Comparison

Vertical Layout with Navigation

guide - Simple tutorial - html + css + js

N-Body Problem

Pure CSS Tic-tac-toe

High Performance Code Editor For The Web

Auto Updating Code Editor

Custom code editor palette in pure CSS

Zurb Off-Canvas Menu (CDN)

Pie Chart with Dimple.JS

Sublime Editor

A bunch of funky CSS3 Toggle Buttons

Games market

Random circles

Hello World

React JS Example // source

React JS Example // source


landing page

Box Plots

The Force with React + D3, Approach #3

Understanding D3.js Force Layout - 5: charge

Line chart with tips

XKCD-style plots in d3

No sidebar

bezier curve intersections

offseted marker on cubic bezier curve example

Cubic bezier curve length

draggable quadratic bezier curve SVG example (MIT License)

Collapsible tree diagram in v4

jQuery .on // source

#CSS Design a button // source


tic tac toe logo Art version

A Pen by jupegarnica.

d3-nelson-rules example

A Simple D3 Line chart with Legend and Tooltips

Require issue

sla-training_session2:Multilayer Interactivity

sla-training_session2: createLayer single LayerSourceObject

sla-training_session2:Custom Infowindows

sla-training_session2:custom Tooltip

HTML typography sample for designing


Graph data visualization using d3js

Stretched Chord - The Final Result

Two graphs arranged using bootstrap

D3 v4 - force layout

Graph Rollup

Duck Similarity (Galileo)

Bounded Force Layout

Sticky Force Layout

Basic force layout (ID-based, zoomable, fixed random seed)

d3js compass rose

Andrew's Chord Example

Simple example of reusable d3 plugin.


D3.js Reusable Bar Chart with Angularjs

[Parallel] Directed / Weighted

Enter-Update-Exit in Force Layout

Modifying a Force Layout

Concentric circles

Force directed cell splitting

Interactive heatmap for metrics

Basic Directional Force Layout Diagram

D3 Gantt chart

Bubble Chart

Programmatic Pan+Zoom III

Simple Wartungs-Landingpage

Chiasm Boilerplate

Simple particles experiments

DC SVG Loader v.1

CSS Loading Spinners

Equalizes the loader

Pure CSS Loading spinners

Background Drag + Node Drag Force Simulation

Multiple Shape Drag Canvas with Force Simulation

origin destination map experiment - confluent nodes

origin destination map experiment

Plant Hardiness Zones

Spinning Globe

slid3r demo

Square grid

Small multiple histograms

CS Degrees Awarded 1971-2011

North Atlantic Hurricanes

Undergraduate Major Disciplines that Co-Occur in Fall 2014

An example that uses the SVG DOM function

D3.js v4 Mapping Tutorial : TopoJSON

force simulation - globe

Polar Plot with Custom Shaded Region

D3 QRcode drawing


Gooey Effect

Opening Hours

Elbows (and Brackets)

Guess The Ratio II

Graphical Perception Layer

Stacked Bar Chart

Column Chart

Another Earth(s)

Bubble Chart


vega font

vega signal from outside

vega fit with svg

Sankey with circular links v2 (dataset 3)

Sankey with circular links (dataset 2)

Big screen .exit()

Sankey with circular links

Stability of Peano curve

Labeling arcs at the midpoint

Munching Squares

dithered paths

Canvas vs. SVG Test

Bio survival chart

OHLC and Volume Chart

Custom Chart Layout

Force Index

Stochastic Oscillator


Vertical alignment of text labels

Icosahedron threePoint [UNLISTED]

Area Update Pattern

relaciones tp7

sankey experiment 2

sankey experiment 1

d3-force testing ground

How many shades of blue do you need?

country population barchart

torque and raster layer together

paper text area

A static, reusable donut chart for D3.js v4.

Revised treemap from R to Illustrator

[unlisted] Internet Users in 2017

IMDB-Rate vs Facebook-Likes

[unlisted] College choices

How many shades of blue do you need?

d3 | legend scroll

d3 | simple pagination (next/prev)


cuatro en uno

Segundo Circulos

Denuevo Circulos

Segundo intento circulos

cuatro en uno V.2

nuevo intento

Barras Estado

half circles for kevin

Trembling triangle #2

flubberized US states to/from hex

Directional dot plot

Starry Sky (Long Exposure)

Directional dot plot

Labeled Streamgraph

General Update Pattern Explained

Custom Shape Tweening

d3 | legend scroll












opacity vs. fill-opacity example

textLength, spacingandglyphs example

transform, scale example

transform, scale example

transform, scale example

transform, translate example

text example

Multiple movie legs

Line Chart with Gridlines


Demo of d3-boxes

d3js Exercice 4 - first chart: selection, data

d3js Exercice 3 - svg

d3js Exercice 1 - number formats

a Barchart of brushes

Bonner Vornamen 2017 (Embedded)

d3v4: SVG-only button

d3v4: SVG-only text field

d3v4: Twitter-poll - Free phone storage

Figure5.4 Scatterplots

Internet Users in 2017

Bham block 1

Dasboard SVG Test

Echarts test

Simple filled area in v4


some colors

pack forever

Sankey Diagram with v4





Recreate Marks with ellipse

Line Chart of AAPL

Horizontal Bar Chart of 2017 NBA

AAPL Data Table Summary

NBA Season Data Table Summary

Force Layout - Directed Graph with Customized Node and Link

Pokemon Data Table Summary

Water Consumption In New York City v2



Rorschach effect and morphing using filter elements

Force-Directed Graph With Selection

Selection Rect

Wave Packet

Axis Grid

Transition Graph 2.0

Transition Graphs


Force-Directed Graph

coordinated view

Bubble Sorted Bar Chart


Resize - Mobile Cellular Subscriptions in United States

Mobile Cellular Subscriptions in United States

Re-create curved lines

Doctorate recipients, by major field of study, 2015

English Premier League Visualization - Interactive

English Premier League Visualization - Resize

New York Housing

English Premier League Visualization

analysis of ages of visitors


fresh block toy 2

Refactor Project with pan & zoom2

Project Prototype 3

Position in Common and Unaligned Scales

2013 Greenhouse Gas Emissions by Country

Playing with hues

Area (2D) Size example with tilt

Area (2D) Size example

Simple line graph with v4




Boston Projects Visualization

NYC Leading Causes of Death


DS3 V4 Grouped Bar Chart

3D DNA Helix

JS Bin // source

Text Ticker Function

Reusable D3 Tooltip

MatrixGrid Function for D3 Dashboards

Bin Zooming Histogram

Ten Random Walk Bars

Un-truncate Text Tween

Card Shuffler

K-Means Centroid Deviation

Items by Name HW

Class 10 - Force

Class: Line Graph

Class: Area Graph

Nesting - Class 09 Homework

Class 02 Homework - Life & Income

Class 02 Homework - Life & Income

Recreate Marks and Channels

EVE Online - Jita

The dots shows only after hovering the continent dots

US Annual Park Visitors in 2016

Nuclear Explosions 1945–1998

create the image

Number of violent crimes in USA in 2015

Structure of D3 TSV Module

Create a Bar Chart

base scatter plot rev 02

gross by rating

Project Scatter Plot rev 01

Project Scatterplot rev 00

Scatter Plot 0919

firearms per capita rev 01

Rate of Incumbents vs average rate over time

Position on common scale

Bar Chart 2017 Box Office

Imitator Dynamics Graph

Waffle Chart

Series of 2016-2017 by genre_

block of abk

My first D3 Block : A Scatter plot

Dynamic Bar Chart with Transitions

Step07 Neurohackweek

Step06 Neurohackweek

Step05 Neurohackweek

Step03 Neurohackweek

Step04 Neurohackweek

Step02 Neurohackweek

General Update Pattern Explained

Embed the lexicocalorimeter search page

Histogram Demo

Robert Hooke's letter


John wilkins beasts

John wilkins beasts

John wilkins beasts

Small Scroll-linked Animation Demo

John wilkins beasts

Wealth and Health of nations D3v4

State of the STDs v3

State of the STDs

Wealth and Health of nations D3v4

General Update Pattern Notes

Marks as Links - Containment

Anqi Data Table Summary

Interactive Satellites by Countries

Crimes by district

Data Table Summary Crimes

3D Volume

Periodic Table Scatter Plot

Data Table Summary Periodic Table

College choices

Create a Bar Chart

Create a Bar Chart

stacked bar experiment 2

stacked bar experiment

vertical bars

area chart two

column chart (general update pattern)

column chart

axes and margins - responsive

horizontal bars

svg play - .call, margins

axes and margins

Dynamic Population Pyramid

Horizon chart

ScrollyTelling Example

FCC Wikipedia Viewer Project

FCC Pomodoro Clock Project

Spinning Ovals II

daily ui 005 - Peppamint icon

Goal 2: Growth



nvd3 sankey

Gini Index

Gini Index

Gini Index resize

Visual popout

Extremist Murders in the US

Gini Index

JS Bin Vuejs Example // source



Letter Frequency

Categorical data as nodes

Two groups of nodes

Child poverty by London authority

Partner Allocation

Interactive Bar Chart Pie Chart

Histogram Chart

Histogram New

Final code

Living hexagonal binning

Final code

Iris Graph

Iris Graph

AngularJS Form Validation

Datafest Tbilisi - logo like area visual

d3 tooltip

most used Georgian symbols

D3: Adding new data to column chart

Dimple.js simple time chart

first chart

SVG Flowers

Timeline Chart

Carto école d'été


Mapbox - locate the user

American Chess - Interactive

American Chess - Resize

Top Agriculture Countries in 2007

Data Table Summary_Inc 5000 2017

D3.js Donut chart with text inside

d3 gauge using v4




















Donut Chart

#KinghtD3 - scatterplot

Vertical bar chart with negative values

Modifying a Force Layout

Responding to Resize

Icon Markers

Min Max Avg

Earthquake Scatterplot

Colored Curved Lines - Visual Channel Example

Rocket League Player Statistics

Tomato Varieties

dots along a path

So much joy :)

Filtering Nodes on Force-Directed Graphs (D3 V4)

Pie chart

D3 V4 Line chart with draggable circles

Isometric projection

Custom Group Bar Chart

Simple bar graph in v4 - nice ticks

Test: d3.scan

Zoom Transitions

V4 simple network graph

Races of Leading Causes of Death in New York City in 2014

Recreate Color Hue

Color hue


Try Area Chart

Area Chart Versi 2

Stacked Negative Values

Line Chart

D3.js Donut chart with text inside

Barley Line Chart

collapsible sankey tree

Oscar Nominated Directors

Popout Scatter Plot

2017 MTA Average Ridership

MTA Data Table Summary

Oscar Data Table Summary

enter exit block

svg block

pie example

Early Warning Project Risks


EWP Charts July 25 2017

EWP Visualization, July 25 2017

Let's draw a star

Axis Styling

Axis Styling

Radar Chart Redesign

student loan calculator

100 people pictogram grid in d3js

[test] Enter exit update check

my website front svg

d3 x3dom scatter


some colors

some colors

d3 x3dom scatter

some colors

D3 final CDF Graph

D3 Scatterplot

crossfilter new


Original crossfilter

grouped bar chart

bar chart betaout


Rotating Icosahedron



Azimuthal Equidistant: MIT Center

Adding one by one Interactive Rect

Adding one by one Interactive Rect

timeline with multiple rows

timeline with multiple rows


timeline with multiple rows


Draggable bars in timeline

Draggable bars in timeline


Timestamp for specific notes

Interactive Bar Graph With Duration Values

Updating directed graph

Spinning graph

Vega Example

d3-ez : Heat Map (Radial) Example

d3-ez : Showcase

d3-ez : Punch Card Example

d3-ez : Donut Chart Example

d3-ez : Bar Chart (Vertical) Example

D3 : Colours 3

D3 : Colour Ranges - Column Chart

D3 : Random Colours Using rgb() - Column Chart

D3 : Random Number Generation - Column Chart

Pie Chart

Line Chart

Svg Enter Append Call

Svg Enter and Append

Enter and Append Circles

circle transitions and grow again

circle transitions

Create a Bar Chart

D3 and Vuejs

Position and Collision

Force Layout

Animating Transitions

Enter and Update

Create a line graph


Exit and Merge

European Carbon Dioxide Emissions 2013


RefMet/CHEAR Overlap

Elastic Bubbles, force layout, movement


3D Printer Contour Plot

[unlisted] US Human Development Ranking

2017 CT Races Schedule - Calendar View

Katie's Robinson

income by country

Carto demo

Selections 101

Basic D3 map (live mods) d3v4

another selections

Simple bar graph in v4

example path

Bill Clinton Impeachment Search

example path

VA Bonus

VA Asig 1

SVG bar chart

Truncate Multiline Copy

Brush-USA earthquake data from year 1900


general Pattern Test

US major city crime data in 40 years

earth-USA earthquake data from year 1900

Rectangle with circles and lines inside


JS Bin // source

WWSD #7: d3 mouse interaction

Arc Corners IV

Sexual Assaults Reported by Texas Colleges

The Migrant Files: Money Bars

D3 force Simulation with filtering

Mobile Cellular Subscriptions in United States

Uber - Dataset Visualization Alpha

Graph with labeled edges

Module 4 - Municipalities of the Netherlands

Module 3 - Netherlands

Module 2 - Stacked Area Chart

Polished Barchart

Animating with d3.timer() - multiple circles

Animating with d3.timer()

Simple bar chart (Data: randomly generated)

Visualisation without D3 (Data: randomly generated)


One Laptop Per Child #D3makeover

Bubble Chart



IBPSA2017 Workshop

MapboxGL choropleth


wealth and heath

Brady Bezier Curves w.Fill

Sigmoid Function Interactivev1

Sigmoid Function Interactive