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rotation drag

Swimlane Chart using d3.js

Recidivism Transitions Chord Diagram


Broadway Interactive

birthday guesser

Scatter plot brushing

Line chart with information box

Circle Gradient II

Circle Gradient I


K-Means Voronoi Relaxation [UNLISTED]

Brush Handles d3v4 [UNLISTED]

AlbersUSA inverse proj parameters

Labelled graticules (d3v4) [UNLISTED]

Force move 400 dots in 10 buildings

Brush Handles d3v4 II

Step 6 - d3.v4 [UNLISTED]

Voronoi binning (animated for Badgetron) [UNLISTED]

Peirce Equatorial

Spherical alpha shapes with d3-geo-voronoi

A timeline of calendars (d3v4) [UNLISTED]

Urquhart graph of container ports

Fibonacci sphere quasi-random radome

General Update Pattern, tutoriel interactif




Voronoi Spanning tree - short paths

Voronoi Spanning tree - long paths


Toric Voronoi

Cylindrical Voronoi

Elliptic / scaled Polylabel with D3

Polylabel with D3

Circular Bounded Voronoi Tessellation

Alpha-Shape Bounded Voronoi Tessellation

Bounded Voronoi Tessellation

(Work in Progress) Gnomonic Butterfly [UNLISTED]

Shape-shifting Bounded Voronoi Tessellation [UNLISTED]

Hexagonal Binning in d3v4

Floating Landmasses in d3v4

Rotating Voronoi in d3v4

Voronoi Labels in d3v4

europe-atlantic population

This Is a Globe in d3.v4

geoCircle in d3.v4 (geoOrthographic)

geoCircle in d3.v4

Rotating Voronoi in colors

Find Peaks

Earthquake Map with fisheye (projected) + throttle

Map #4 - kommun

Map #4 - län

Static Loader II

Static Loader

Using HTML select element with D3 for axis/axes transitions

Generating Chevrons with D3 Polygons

D3 polygons for SDLC Infographic

Annotations with Swoopy Drag for Scatter Plot

Tutorial for drawing multiple axes using D3 Axis

Voronoi Diagram for Scatter Plot

Linear Regression for Scatter Plot

Sort HTML Elements by Hue

Playfair Import-Export Chart

2015 Flight Delays Final

D3 Streamgraph with Tooltip and Legend

2015 Flight Delays Final

2015 Flight Delays

2015 Flight Delays (6/19)

Zoom in Map Demo

Circles Test

Earthquake Map


WWSD #6: d3.js projections

WWSD #6: d3.js projections

Simplex Radiations

Simplex Flurry

Rotating Distance-limited Voronoi - d3v4 - canvas

Blobbing Worms

Rotating Distance-limited Voronoi - d3v4

Beeswarm comparison

Rotating Distance-limited Voronoi

distance-limited Voronoi Interaction III

distance-limited Voronoi Interaction II

Custom Beeswarm & ForceLayout

distance-limited Voronoi Interaction

ForceLayout - maintain x-position of nodes

Tree Fractal with SVG

shaded relief with custom projection

suicides attacks since 1970

line between points w satellite projection

satellite projection w graticule

A Coruña city historic map

satellite projection

Comparison to d3.chord

biPartite - Linking Multiple biPartites

Dispatching Events

biPartite Example I


Counties of the United Kingdom

Nutrient Parallel Coordinates

Brushable Horizontal Bar Chart - IV

Brushable Horizontal Bar Chart - I

Drag & Zoom

Satellite Projection

D3 Sunburst Changing Data

Stephen Few's Student Dashboard with d3.js

Particle Edges Dendrogram

Disabilities Data Demo

D3 Star Trails

D3 v4 Stacked Bar Chart with Negative Values - CFNAI Data

probando parte del d3-jetpack de Gregor Aisch

circle packing using d3 pack layout

top10 del 9 al 15 de junio

Monty Hall Problem

Radar Chart D3 V4

Horizontal Bar Chart with Tooltip D3 V4

Bar Chart with Tooltip with Tooltip D3 V4

Nightly Smart Meter Data Analysis

Voronoi Sorting v2 update for d3.unconf badge

D3 Spin Art

Rotating Shape Transitions

Flipping and Spinning the Unites States

Rate of False Alarms by Neighborhood and Year

United States of Voronoi Tweening

United States of Voronoi Tweening w/ borders

Voronoi Sorting

Voronoi Shuffling v3

Voronoi Shuffling v2

Voronoi Shuffling v1

Mergesort animation

Choropleth w/ state highlighting

Blocks Graph - w/thumbnails

Past Presidents - ES5

Overlapping Circles

Past Presidents

OPD License Plate scans

Brush Slider Test

Map of Europe in EEA's projection

Dutch weather coffee cup

Custom path generator

[SO 37060362] AlbersUSA + PR / Composed projections

Leaflet with scale bar and URL hash

Brexit: diverging color schemes (d3v3)

turbo-cartocss examples

d3.carto lesson from MaptimeSF

Merging TopoJSON states

quilt block (random color)

WWSD #1: Leaflet starter

Curve - timepiece

Circles Clock 1

QR Code Clock

Barbican logo

CatMap: because lolcats need projection too

Vim Cheat Sheet

Gooey effect - colorful snow


Soil composition ternary plot


Equidecomposition II

Hofstadter's Chaotic Q Sequence II

Hofstadter's Chaotic Q Sequence

Sutherland-Hodgman Clipping

Sutherland-Hodgman Clipping II

Triangle to Square II

D2 Shape Distribution

Embedded Canvas in SVG

World Map



3D Wireframe from OBJ File

Force Directed Graph Toggle to Circle

Graph with Threshold Slider

ShaderFrog/A-Frame Export

Pixel Programmer

Sf Tree Maintenance - Vandalism/Other

How to remove a CARTO layer interactivity + GMs

Pulse Animations

MLB Payroll Treemap

Clinical Trial Site Network

Continuous expanding circle ping


Major League Soccer


D3-Force: Charge

CartoDB Tile Layer

Path in a map, animated with scroll

WWSD #6: d3.js projections

Orthographic Clipping

turbo-cartocss examples

Fibonacci Spiral (for d3.unconf badge)

Scatterplot with d3-annotate

HSL Qualitative Palette Generator

Tree Fractal with COLORS!

Tree Fractal with SVG (broken)

Tree Fractal with SVG

Radial Cantor Set


Moon Calendar 2017

[unlisted] Google Maps + D3

Global Migration in 2015

[unlisted] Tile by Bounding Box (wrap update)

World Countries Hierarchy

D3 4.0 Sequential Scales Explorer

Raster & Vector 4.0

Staggered Donut Chart

Radial Bar Chart


Graph Diagram Editor

Temperature Around Bangalore

Observer Pattern Benchmarks

Dynamic Baseball Scatter Plot

Religions of Largest 20 Countries

Sankey Diagram with v4

Simple graph with table in v4

Graph and table with tricks in v4

Input acting on two elements in v4

Number input in v4

Dual html inputs in v4

Multi-links in tooltips using v4

Simple tooltips in v4

Tooltip with link in v4

Drop shadow on text in v4

Formatted time labels for an axis with v4

Simple line graph with v4

Barley Dot Plots

Data Breaches Force

Data Breaches zoom

Data based gradients - HR Diagram

Zoomable Dynamically Updating Sunburst (D3 version 4)

Treemap by Count

Super smooth Sunburst Labels v4

Pokemon #2

Mapswarm leaflet

Lyme Disease Chloropleth 2


Song Tea Scatterplot

ngAutocomplete + fixed header

Ready for a Chloropleth

unconf badge

perlin noise, animated lines, and SVG filters

Lyme Disease Chloropleth

Blurred Matrix Heatmap

Gooey Force-Directed Graph in D3

Voronoi Labels in d3v4

morph experiment #3

Connected Particles III

p5.js objects (and arrays)

example p5.js sketch

p5.js sketch with history

p5.js hello world

d3js | dorling map with force and voronoi

d3js | textures.js on paths

d3js | hexagon world map built from canvas map

Population by City (+100k)

d3js | world map circle area of each country

d3js | bubble chart quadrant

d3js | circles update with force layout

Word Trails


Data Driven Lava Lamp

Gooey Sankey

D3v4 Constraint-Based Layout

Boole Hasse Diagram

EPI Interactive Bar Chart

Brushable Horizontal Bar Chart - V

Exam Grades - Vertical Bar Chart

Exam Grades - Vertical Bar Chart from external JSON file

Exam Grades - Horizontal Bar Chart

Isometric "treemap"

Breathing Color Mesh: Badge final comp (new data)

circle to hexagon

Circle packing triangles

Phyllotaxis in d3.v4 w/ rectangles

Circle packing 2x2

Libraries used in bl.ocks

WWSD #2-a: Leaflet Choropleth

WWSD #6-a: d3 mouse interaction (topojson)

WWSD #17: turf: buffer

character interpolation

WWSD #15: Mapbox-gl + d3 canvas overlay

WWSD #16: turf: measurement

WWSD #13: d3 + Canvas

WWSD #8: Data lookups

WWSD #10: Leaflet + d3 overlay

WWSD #9-a: Basic Styling and Interaction

WWSD #9: Basic Styling and Interaction

WWSD #3: Getting started Mapbox-gl

WWSD #7: d3 mouse interaction

WWSD #12: d3 + TopoJSON

WWSD #7-a: d3 mouse interaction

WWSD #2: Leaflet Basic Styling

WWSD #2-a: Leaflet Choropleth

WWSD #2-b: Leaflet Choropleth

WWSD #1: Leaflet starter

WWSD #1-a: Leaflet Rivers

dots on a map: quadtree circle

Mapbox-gl -> d3 projection

dots on a map: quadtree

Earthquake Map with fisheye (projected) canvas

Mapbox-gl + d3.geo.tile + clipping

Sketchy World template

Interrupted Sinusoidal: 12 lobes

World Map template

tremulator: OthoC1 2.0

SF Precincts: colored by BART district

Simulation.find() multiple

Streamgraph of ATFM delay causes

dc.js test

STATFOR Forecast

Bar chart from external JSON file

d3 x3dom surface (no gradient)

d3 x3dom surface plot

d3 x3dom surface plot with d3-x3dom-shape

News DSL

DoGi Source Of Law types

DoGi Hierarchy Sistematico-Descrittore

Hilbert Map III

Hilbert Map

Wikidata-based annotation research

Wikidata search panel

Gosper Islands (No scale/rotation/translation)

DBpedia ontology evolution

DBpedia Classes Radial Node Link Diagram (Strahler Number)

DBpedia Ontology Sunburst

Points Along an Archimedean Spiral

Equidistant Points Along an Archimedean Spiral

Trend Chart (Area + Line)

Multi-Series Line Chart

Interactive Scatter Plot/Legend

Trace Analysis for OneWorld Election Data

Sunburst with Numbers


Natural Earth

D3.js: Automatic text sizing using em units

Google Maps + D3




Arc Sentiment SVG

Arc Tween Percent Rings

Draggable Blob

How to drag and rotate labels in D3

Past Presidents - ES5


two large matrices

Pierce Tiles

Layered force-directed bubbles

esnextbin sketch

Hilarity vs Trumpiness

Gun Pictogram

Pan & Zoom Axes

Phyllotaxis in p5.js

fractal tree in D3 - L-system

Fractal trees created with L-systems in p5.js

Happy Pride

Stacked bar chart for easy comparison

AFSC Utility by Multi-Barchart

US States map using Datamap API

Sleep Cycles

Cluster Dendrogram

Calendar View

Parallel Coordinates

World Tour

Kadane's Algorithm

Rock Paper Scissors

Vive la France!

Interlock directorate Network Plot

Radial Network for languages, countries, and continents

Sunburst of Titantic Survival Data

Final Project

D3 badge for viSFest 2016

D3 Logo for viSFest 2016

d3 v4 set datum

D3 v3 set datum

line intersections

Self-adjusting setTimeout loop

disco lights

Canvas Force-Directed Graph

US Healthcare Data Dashboard

Collision Detection

Convex Hull

Bubble Chart

Reusable Bubble Chart


Fetal growth chart final comp

Calendar View

force demo

Stacked Bar Chart

Signal Plot I

Signal Plot III (zoom)

Sea Level Rise Visualization

Signal Plot II (highlighting + tooltips)

Basis Vectors

matrix: reboot

Voronoi clipCells() end[1] null Example III

Voronoi clipCells() end[1] null Example II

Voronoi clipCells() end[1] null Example

formatting numbers example d3v3

world map 08 ckmeans cluster max breaks

world map 05 linear breaks + quantize scale

world map 06 linear breaks + quantiles scale

world map 04 manual breaks + threshold scale

world map 03 es2015 + update code style

world map 01 fix tooltip value

Interactive General Update Pattern [ES2015]

United States of Voronoi Tweening

es2015 d3v4 d3-sankey demo

adjacency matrix layout

es2015 exploding boxplot

distance-limited Voronoi Interaction

D3 v4 Calendar View

City of Oakland Budget Proposal Sankey Particles

3D wireframe interaction with d3 zoom

v4 curve interpolation comparison

Blocks Graph VI

rCharts Examples Sankey Particles

ES2015 Sankey Particles

Fisheye Magnifying Glass

ES2015 Fisheye Grid

Blocks Graph V

Voronoi Scatterplot

Baseball Scatterplot Matrix II

Blocks Graph IV - d3.oakland talk

Air Quality Calendars II

Canvas Links + SVG Nodes

Chatty Map II

ES2015 Sequences Sunburst

Stacked Bar Chart

Revolving infinity scroller

500 points with one polyline

Dramatic pie chart

Device access on

Brownian motion with elastic collisions

Mixing drinks on Tralfamadore

Animal-like random force network

Brownian motion with D3 4.0 velocity Verlet physics

Fest der ...

Site movement during Voronoi relaxation

edges slicing

Ladybug Analysis Tools Graph

Radial tree with "packed" nodes (flare)


Cal-Adapt - Sea Level Rise Data (Radke et al 2016)

d3.js | Web Audio API

Step 5 - Voronoi (Distance Limited Tooltip) Scatterplot

LotR words - Who's speaking in Middle Earth

Random gradients and orientations - Hexagons - 1 palette

Random gradients and orientations - Hexagons - 2 palettes

Gooey Collision Detection

Gooey effect - Hexagon

Data based gradients - Simple - Solar system

Radial gradient - Simple example - Sun

Data based gradients - HR Diagram

Color blending - Infinity showcase

Color blending - Hexagon

Motion blur - Diagonal movement & Multiple filters

Radial SVG gradient - Random bubble art

Adding a glow filter - simple examples

Abrupt gradients - The growth of BMI across the world

Data based orientations in SVG Gradients - Step 2

Data based orientations in SVG Gradients - Step 3

Data based orientations in SVG Gradients - Step 1

Linear SVG Gradient - Weather Radial

Brushable Horizontal Bar Chart - V

Reusable dotplots.

Reusable D3 Histograms

Cushion Voronoi

Cluster Dendrogram

Weather Wheel III

Knowledge tree DSL

Quadtree aggregation II

Tangled tree DSL

Weather wheel II

[deprecated] Grouped dots (d3 v3)

[deprecated] Draggable dots (d3 v3)


StartFast Code: Task 1

Collision Radius Transition

Streaming Hierarchy

1985 Audi Quattro

1988 Porsche 959 Sport

Outside the box

Horizontal Bars with Slalom Styles

Barley Yield - L4

Quilted Blocks in D3 v4

Thumbnail with Animated Captions

Dynamic Legends in CartoDB

D3 Liquid Fill Gauge

Mister Nester

Icon Array

Automatic Text Sizing

Swimlane Chart using d3.js

Superformula Explorer

WWSD #6: d3.js projections

d3-gridding.js - see all layout modes

conicConformalFrance linked directly example

geoConicEquidistantJapan example

geoConicConformalEurope example

Congressional representatives dataset

conicConformalFrance example


geoAlbersUsaTerritories example

Testing AlbersUsa with all territories

isobands and isolines from a geotiff with d3js

Isobands from a geotiff with d3

Animated path using canvas

ramadan times along meridian 30

Map scroller associated with video position

Basic map with new d3js 4.0

Chalkboard map

graph-scroll modification test

graph-scroll modification complex example

spam.js with authomatic color selection

spam.js with d3-composite-projections

spam.js + d3-composite-projections boundaries

spam.js error with d3-composite-projections

Playing with spam.js

Basic Bar Chart

US State Map

Barley Yields Simple Multiples

Barley Farmers Exploration

Variations on a Random Walk

Visualizing Bayes, Markov Chain Monte Carlo

Multiple Majors Leaderboard

D3 v4 - Group barChart


ボロノイ図 - 最近傍探索


D3 v4 - Treemap

CSS 3D Line Chart

d3animas declarative grammer for animation of natural forms


d3forms and superformula


#d3js d3raptor: space trees and collision forces

Tree of Life

Per-Capita Police Involved Deaths by State

Collision Detection

Force-Directed Graph

Gradient Along Stroke

GDP Growth and Presidential Party

Tokyo 2020 Tessellation

Tokyo 2020 Pattern Generator

Overlapping Dimensions

K-Means Centroid Deviation

Overlapping Bump Chart

Color scale

d3.unconf 2016, v7

d3unconf 2016, v5

d3unconf 2016, v4

d3unconf 2016, v2

d3unconf 2016, v1

Nadieh's D3.Unconf Badge

Hamilton characters #2

Hamilton: characters

DS Aug, Code 5

Personal logo iteration 4

Personal logo iteration 5

DS Aug, Code 3

Film Flowers, All

DS July: Code 7

DS July: Code 6

DS July: Code 5

DS Aug, Code 1

DS July: Code 4

DS July: Code 3

Personal Logo Iteration 3

DS July: Code 2


openvis tweets #4

Force Stress Test

Comanche Dual

Dynamic Hexbins

Sparse Matrix Force Graph

Facebook Egonet

Sankey Transitions

Outer Tangent

Gooey Phyllotaxis Dance

Air Quality Calendars



Projection Transitions


Activity UI by D3.js

Reusable Bubble Chart

zoomable treemap bar charts

Zoomable Treemap Bar Chart

formattable with other js/css frameworks

parcoords + sparkline R htmlwidget

Bayesian Statistics

image scanlines cf Shigeo Fukuda

Scotch Rankings

Mutliple connected beeswarm plots

Generating hex grid positions

Antibiotic Resistance Simulation

Generating hex grid positions part 2

Elastic collisions

White on White

Trump support vs. distance from sea

A clock of Toph’s summer

The Brexit Game


Force words

Blocks by people you follow

MTA spaghetti

Mystery box

Mystery box

Diagonal IV

Diagonal II


Drifting flyers on a torus

Timer control

Diagonal III

Slander II

Sierpinski Charlet

Face Chartlet

Fetal growth chart




Circles Chartlet

Reusable Bubble Chart

Bubble Chart

Sparse Matrix Force Graph

Hilbert Map of IPv4 address space

Hilbert Curve

Jigsaw morphing

Voronoi relaxation

Swoopy US tour w/ canvas

Mahalanobis distance

Particle tentacles

Swoopy US tour

The loneliest dot

Crossing the streams

Mystery box #2


Mystery box

Canvas scatterplot with mouse events

Canvas scatterplot with quadtree

Loopy tile

Pencil/watercolor map style

Old atlas style #3

Old atlas style #2

Old atlas style

LotR words - Who's speaking in Middle Earth

Voronoi relaxation


d3js compass rose

Modular US State Choropleth

Simple swipe example using mapwarper source

d3js compass rose

Wiechel projection, D3.js v4

Path in a map, animated with scroll

Mapbox-gl + d3.geo.tile + clipping

U.S. States TopoJSON

Collision Detection

Happy Birthday Steve

js fire animation adapted for teaching purposes

js fire animation adapted for teaching purposes

duplicate move


Math test

Graph Demo 2

Dashboard I

Normalized Stacked Bar Chart

Income By ZipCode


Test of income and sea level

Combined Project

Moiré Patterns

Multiple DNA sequence alignment

deBruijn graph from DNA sequence reads

world malaria cases with spam.js

Testing map labels with background

Russian research stations in Antarctica

simplex landscape

Line chart of population evolution

horzintal barchart

Scatterplot Matrix Brushing


Grid Snapping

Bugle Charts

Death to Bullshit homepage source



US State Map

Draw circles on canvas

Reproject USA + Alaska & Hawaii moved

Side by side Leaflet (Toner comparison)

Add multiple markers in leaflet.js - color advices for cartography


Italian GDP per capita - Leaflet Choropleth

TSNE Plot of Yelp Reviews

Chiasm Foundation

Chiasm Foundation

Chiasm Foundation

WebCola Example: Alignment Constraints

Triangle to Square

Hackerrank score

Calendar View

Vaccines Chart

Waterfall Chart

cartodb.js change name map parameters on click

Estimating Pi

cartodb.js: named maps, toggle layers and hover infowindow

Pseudo-Dorling Cartogram

random dithering

auto generated files from

Line chart like google stock chart with Touch support

Cost of Living - Parallel Coordinates

Multi-Series Line Chart

Curriculum Exploration

Space Stations

Cardiac Surgery by Surgeon

Percentage Change

Time of Day

matrix: rotations

Nutrient Parallel Coordinates III

matrix: reboot

csv number fingerprint

Kernel Smoothing

mapbox-gl: updating line

dots on a map: geocoding

dots on a map: The Counted

dots on a map: setup

Nutrient Parallel Coordinates II

interactive d3.js parallel coordinates of finch data

parcoords + d3scatter linked by crosstalk

Voronoi Labels

d3js | rgb colour spaces


Chord diagram showing co-occurrences.

Chord diagram 2014 - End result

Chocolate imports (reposted)

Tree and Tracks updates

Ensembl gene tree

Scaled branches

Different node sizes

Layouts example

Example of labels

different labels in the same tree

different labels in the same node

branch lengths

Wargames Aesthetic

Nest Treemap

Flights by entity (Jan - Feb 2016 vs Jan - Feb 2015)

d3 x3dom axes

d3 x3dom scatter

Breakdown editor

Clavius Lexicon Cascaded treemap

A-Frame DAE isometric view

A-Frame DAE

Clipboard.js for RDF triples presentation

Manuscript Transcription

Gosper Islands IV

Dogi Sunburst

Gosper Islands II

Gosper Islands

Hept Tree II

Instance Similarity III

Bibo ontology sunburst

Hept Tree

Semantic Arts Dataset Ontology II

Semantic Arts Dataset Ontology

Instance similarity II ontology tree

Instance Similarity IV

Italian Province Treemap

x3dom loading x3d file

Three.js Mesh Hover

seen.js OBJ Loading

Non-overlapping regions through collision detection

Yearly Calendar

Non-overlapping circles through collision detection

Monthly calendar

DBpedia ATLAS (GOSPER curve)

Clavius Mathematical-Astronomical Lexicon Sunburst

Foursquare category Sunburst

DBpedia Ontology Sunburst (No Instances)

Fixed DBpedia Ontology Tree (Colored)

Collapsible DBpedia Ontology Tree

DBpedia Ontology Tree

Fixed DBpedia Ontology Tree (Colored) II




Randomic World Cup 2014 Mood Map

Highcharts Pie-Donut Chart using TourPedia Data

Polar clock

Highcharts Bar Chart using TourPedia Data

Polar clock

Polar clock

Polar clock

Polar clock

Narrative Charts

heatmap demo



Georgia counties

Rasterized SVG

Quadtree Cube

Quadtree Tree

mapbox: omnivore.topojson


Pie Chart Example

Subway Wait Assessment

Turnstile Traffic

Mean Daily Plaza Traffic

Linked List

waves (p5.js)

Streamgraph Chart

Taucharts-Gun Sales vs Gun Violence

Inline Demographic Split

Modern Lib. 100 — Final

Modern Lib. 100 — Unstyled

angular + d3Kit Bubble chart

Circle Pack for Inference Models

GVC Exports 2010

GVC Imports 2010

Slanted Bar Chart

GVC Final Apparel Trade by World Region

Module 4

MapTable: Basic Map - custom markers

MapTable: Only Table and filters - sorting, virtual columns

Treemap 1

Chained Transitions

Bounded Force Layout - Columns by Depth

External SVG + D3 II

custom tree layout sketch

Mapbox GL Synced Dual Maps

States & Provinces (warning may cause seizures)

Radar Chart - Update Values


Linear SVG Gradient - Traffic accidents per Day & Hour combination

BreakDown language

Stacked-to-Grouped Bars

Stacked Bar Chart


Graph Experiments I

Anscombe's Quartet - L3.2

Dynamic Classification of CartoDB Choropleth Map

Which is bigger: Africa or North America?

Transform Transitions II

Human developement index in Ecuador


Chile's 2009 electoral results (2nd round)


tunebot punch card

SVG Grow Effect

D3 Array Manipulation

Stacked Bars

Lynchings by State Donut Charts

Radial Timeline

European Life Expectancy

VI8 - Solution to Q2

openvis tweets #1

openvis tweets #2

Thiocyanate Bioreactor Organisms

Baseball Scatterplot

d3-hierarchy tree

openvis tweets #3

Nutrient Parallel Coordinates III

Exoplanets Scatterplot

Archimedean text III

Type topology

Litera ex litera IV

FizzyText X (Swapping text)

Particle painter II (Mousey pointillism)

FizzyText IX (Booklist)

Litera ex litera


Letter flow

FizzyText ripoff, variable flow chameleon

Bloomberg ex litera

Romeo & Juliet phase portrait

Streaky Text II

Streaky Text III

Streaky Text

Lenticular VII

Nearest neighbor

Text annotations (list)

Recirc fetching source

Lenticular VI

Lenticular V

Lenticular IV

Lenticular III

Lenticular II

Multiline indexing

Stacked-to-Grouped Bars

Hexagon Mesh

Weighted Voronoi (sort of)

[rCrimemap]: All Crimes in January 2014 on Open Street Map

sleep_tkd - nested v2


birthday guesser (unshuffled version)

Painting Euclidian Voronoi

Voronoï playground : undulating radial wave

Voronoï playground - Do you see the path ?

mapa del AMBA (usando los tiles de la USIG)

4 Quadrant Scatter Plot D3 v4

Poisson-Disc Voronoi Badge

Google Maps + D3 Overlay

Aster Plot in D3

Sunburst Partition2

Force move 400 dots in 10 buildings

Choropleth with d3-scale-cluster

Locate and find nearest in Leaflet

sunburst R htmlwidget | % for all levels

Hilbert Map of IPv6 address space

Painting power diagram (weighted Voronoi)

cluster force

histogram and violin plotbox

stacked Cuve Line

Towards Reusable Charts

The Brush

Chart Controls II

Pie Chart II

Chart Controls III

Pie Chart

BarChart with ToolTip

Chart with Gradient

Voronoi Scatterplot

EPI Interactive Bar Chart

Line chart scroller II







Canvas Chart Zoom

Streaming Financial Chart

Health and Wealth of Nations - Bubble Chart

Training miles vs finish time

London Marathon 2016 Pacing vs. Finish Time

Diamonds - d3fc version

Let's build a bar chart - d3fc canvas version

Let's build a bar chart - d3fc version

Hept Tree

Visualizing meetup attendence with sequence explorer

Sequence explorer - visualizing meetup attendence

Visualizing meetup attendence with sequence explorer (3)

sequence explorer - highlight a vertical path

clusters force

sequence explorer - highlight path

Sequences sunburst

InterruptedSinuMollweide inverse projection

geoGringortenQuincuncial inverse is broken [UNLISTED]

WIP: Voronoi Scatterplot with zooming [UNLISTED]

ChamberlinAfrica inverse projection

Interrupted Homolosine Condensed (Work In Progress)

Foucaut projections (1862)

Interrupted Homolosine

Satellite Projection Hebrides

Furuti 3 globe clip polygon

Spherical extent

Zoom to Bounding Box II d3v4

annotate a map [UNLISTED]

Weighted geoCentroid [UNLISTED]

Antarctica’s Centroid explained

Compare radial projections

p5 L-Systems

Les couleurs du Décodex

d3.queue image loader


New York Centroid Fixed

feuilles atlas uniforme [UNLISTED]

Hilbert paths

A jupyter notebook for D3

geoVoronoi atlas uniforme [UNLISTED]

Versor Dragging - d3 & three.js running in sync

Example of d3-ForceEdgeBundling on US airline routes graph.

Genetic.js Hello World

LAP-JV simple example [UNLISTED]

t-SNE site map [UNLISTED]

t-SNE with Levenshtein distances

Hexagonal Binning (Area) d3v4

Expand and fill force (work in progress)

d3 Voronoi Worker

tsne world

t-SNE and Urquhart w/distances study

Merge Sites

t-SNE, a force, and voronoi

Merge Sites, One Move

Compare projections

Perspective Map (transformed projection)

Circular Vortex Emergence

Vortex Emergence

Not an Ideal Gas

Brownian Motion Constrained in Rectangle

Brownian Motion Urquhart

Why Reykjavík?

Capacity Constrained Point Distributions

Example of Small Multiples with Mouseover Tooltip (fixed)