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Earth on platonic solids and foldout

Martin Zalucki (juxtapose)


Home Ownership by Country

Dollar Bar Chart RED

Star Wars opening crawl from 1977

Atlanta Urban Geographies

Update & Animate a Voronoï map

CARTO 4.0 with D3 Histogram

Global Population by Region from 1950 to 2100 - a remake

world map 09 ckmeans cluster min breaks

Zoomable Force Directed Graph d3v4

MDDN342 Assignment 1: Living Wallpaper

Hexagonal tessallation on an icosahedral face

d3v4 - Gradient Color Line Chart

d3-indented-tree API example #34

d3-indented-tree API example #7

d3-indented-tree API example #35

d3-indented-tree API example #14

hierarchy explorer API examples

d3-indented-tree API example #16

d3-indented-tree API example #19

Running VI

Pollster 2018

d3v5 - Selective Projection Map

malabarendo en boston

Fantasy Info

hexbin Pop vs Soda

JS Bin // source

MDDN342 Assignment 2: Randomised Collections

d3-composite-projections test

makeovermonday w33

New composite border in es-atlas

Rte 1 north flow by town

Stacked area labels

Tricontour flower

makeovermonday - w35

Streaky Text IV

Measure text

perlin noise, animated lines, and SVG filters


McDonald's Test

Colorado Hikes Summer 2019

BLM Mining

日本の貿易収支 1979-2018

McDowell's Location Hexbins

h3 Hexagon Basemap

Solar Path

ThreeJS Test

Open Chord Diagram -Commuter Flow

Chord diagram 2014 - Commuter data

D3 v5 Line Chart

Most top 10 singles

Boat animated track - 2019_08_31

Boat animated track - 2019_09_07

Bivariate cartogram

Radar Chart test

Most popular programming languages on StackOverflow

Basic US State Map - D3

Nutrient Parallel Coordinates IV

Demo to use Overpass JSON API with OpenLayers 3 & 4

Top 10 Colorado Mining Claimants

Collapsible Force Layout


MDDN342 Assignment 3: Face Mappings

radial tree with straight links for first nodes

MDDN342 Assignment 3: Face Mappings

Radar Chart Redesign

muiltiple pie

roughViz fillStyles

roughViz Readme Image

roughViz roughness examples

roughViz Readme Image

PSI90 Visual

roughViz Line Demo

roughViz Pie Demo

roughViz Pie Demo

roughViz Bar Demo

D3 Liquid Fill Gauge Heart Shape

Jagged Lines

canvas globalCompositeOperation


dashed arrays

Makeover Monday - marimekko with labella.js

Brush Handles

Direct Sun - Facade + Shade

Parametric Radiant Slab - Cooling

Daily Direct Sun Through a Facade

Parametric THERM Radiant Slab

Parametric THERM Model-UPDATE

Solar Path With Sliders

Parametric Energy Model

Independent scale multi-line graph

vega-lite JavaScript API browser example

vega-lite JavaScript API React example

heatmap (SVG)

vsup ggplot2 interactive svg 2

Zoomable Choropleth

Demers Cartogram

Treemap Bar Chart

svg & canvas & brush

Gooey effect - Data visualization showcase

leaflet@1.5.1 & d3@5.0.0 - ポリゴン表示表示

Radial Force

Dashboard basic

charts (refactored)

Using POST in d3-json

General Election Swing

text label test

Flocking boids


charts with toggle

Hep-explorer with PAlt Demo

roughViz StackedBar Demo

Scale Bars for D3 Maps

A lot of post boxes - with d3-hexgrid

three-vrm - VRM motion capture by PoseNet

v5 curve interpolation comparison

Raster Reprojection I


Drop shadow on text in v5

Simple bar graph in v5

geoAlbersUk example

Sankey diagram of greenhouse gas production in 2005 v5

SVG named colours grouped v5

Transition Easing Comparison in v5

Input acting on two elements in v5

Number input in v5

Dual html inputs in v5

Multi-line graph 1 with v5: Lines

Multi-line graph 3 with v5: Legend

Multi-line graph 2 with v5: Colours

Multi-line graph 4 with v5: Toggle

Simple Difference Chart v4

Full Difference Chart v5

Simple Difference Chart v5

Encircling D3's Fisheye Distortion

Smoothed Fisheye (d3-fisheye)

California Population Density II

PackTree(logical Tree)

World Map Centered v5

Map Pan / Zoom with Cities v5

Map Pan / Zoom with Cities and Text v5

Add multiple markers in leaflet.js v1

Multiple tile layers in leaflet.js v1

Brushable Horizontal Bar Chart - IV

Leaflet.draw plugin v1

Svelte mapping: circles

Best fitting line

SVG Example


Individual to stacked area charts

Area segment fill using gradient

Force Editor + Pan/Zoom

Scale Bars for D3 Maps with Pan and Zoom

Spiral Treemap

Variable gradient test


triangles path mask

stack area

area small multiples

WEHoRR Winning Times and Flow Correlation

WEHoRR Winning Times

Force Directed Layout Quality Convergence

Venn diagram

2020/W4: Bridges for Prosperity - Rwanda

Node Pies in Force-Directed Layout

Mapbox GL JS - Simple Map

Leaflet and Popup with D3

Gradient path stroke effect

2020 MDDN242 Assignment 1: Software Clock

CZ: support by age

Force layout on canvas with zoom/pan and drag

Indented Tree w/links

Sankey with circular link and animated dashes

My Updating Chart

Mapbox - helper.html in Storytelling

Mapbox - storytelling demo

US Map of Nielsen Media Markets

D3 Selections and Key Function Demo

Mapbox - storytelling demo

D3 Learn Enter Exit Merge V2 D3 V4

CSS Box Model and Flexbox Using D3

Bouncing Balls III


gradient path

Drag and Drop Using Native DOM Methods

Manage D3 Blocks with Git


[d3cast] Simple Bar Chart example with d3.js

Download generated SVG with preview (from mbostock)

Using data() enter and exit in D3

Zoom/Pan Map Example

Counties of the United Kingdom

D3 tooltip using SVG title element


Hive Plot for Student Systems

CSS vertical centering technique

Most simple d3.js stack bar chart from matrix

Link anatomy

d3 bootstrap popovers (fix)

Parallel Coordinates with Invertible Axes

Wild Spiral

d3.js [vanilla/mbostock]: axes examples - reduced


Antemeridian Cutting




Reusable D3 column chart that supports negative values

Line Chart

Animate path in D3

D3.js glucose levels


d3 several time scales ~bewest






Quick coloring book in SVG

Faux-3d Shaded Globe

Slippy map + extent indicator


World Map with zoom and pan

World Map Centered on the Pacific

d3.js drop shadow example


d3.js selection frame example.

D3 JezzBall


Glowing text effect with CSS3

D3 multi-series line chart with tooltips and legend


Rapid implementation of a ternary plot with d3js

Simple d3.js Bullet Chart example

rCharts Implements d3.js Sankey Plugin

CTA Line Simplification

Distinguishing click and double-click in D3.


Overlay example for leaflet.js

Treemap with labels

Waffle Chart

Simple d3.js tree diagram

Simple d3.js Tree Diagram with styling

Interactive Choropleth



Adjacency Matrix from Node/Edge List

Pie Chart Labels with missing data

Interactive Linux process tree using d3.js

Random Graph Generator

Leaflet Canvas Overlay

d3.js tree from csv

Favorite tooltip (complex version)

Multi-line graph 4: Toggle

Simple d3.js tooltips

Update d3.js data with button press

Understanding D3.js Force Layout - 4: linkDistance

d3.touches array data on touch

CSS Animation cheatsheet featuring Mr T.


The Force with React + D3, Approach #3

Plotting a bell (Gaussian) curve in d3


d3 | reusable slopegraph v2

Kölner Veedel: Wahlbeteiligung vs Arbeitslosigkeit

D3 Scatterplot (Animations)

D3 Bar Stacker Gauge

d3 Pareto Chart Example

Week Calendar of Life



Hofstadter's G Sequence

Data URI SVG icons with Leaflet

Range input with v4

Simple horizontal tree diagram using v4

Simple vertical tree diagram using v4

Tree diagram loading external json with v4

Dual axes in v5

Simple graph with filled area in v4

Clustered Force Layout 4.0

Spatial Sankey for Shared Patients Between Doctors and Hospitals

Small Scroll-linked Animation Demo

Smoother polygon transitions

Scatter plot with zoom

Confusion Matrix


Custom tiles in Google Maps

Compare Colors

Sankey diagram using a csv file with v4

D3 + Vue.js


Date slider - with play/pause button

Diverging bar chart

Electron Vibrancy Example

A Vue.js filter that formats a phone number.

SVG animation to video

Canvas animation to video

Market Profile Chart

Calculate UTCI

d3-ez : Polar Area Chart Example

Global Carbon Emissions Streamgraph

Sankey, with different end note link treatment

Centerline label placement

D3 v5 Line Chart

Employees Hierarchy Chart using d3.js

barras (w35) -

Javascript/canvas city generator

Miriam's first html - before and after

Backbone Event Delegation Tests

JavaScript Beautifier

Javascript Combinations problem

Area Transition

hexagons test

Simple Sparkline using SVG Path and d3.js

Modest Maps Throwable

D3 Example: Global Surface Temperature: 500 ... 2009

Bar Tips

Drag and drop with D3

Month selector demo

d3 sunrise sunset

Brush selection on a table

Broken arc.centroid calculation

Table sorting (from Oliver Rolle)

Collapsible Animated Indented Tree . . . Working!

voronoi tesselation

Using data() enter and exit in D3

Parallel Coordinates Plot (first draft)

SVG path benchmark (2012)

MultiLayer Wax.G Switcher

Trivially Simple Beam using D3.js

Lennard-Jones Potential in Interactive Graph

Icesave capital structure - nest/layout example

Simple 2D molecular simulation written in JavaScript

bar labels question


4 circles in d3.js

Simple JavaScript benchmarking tool

Animated Draggable Spinny Globe


Voronoi-based point picker

Square Circle Spiral Illusion II

safari select bug

Dynamic Stacked Bar Chart using d3.js

Animated Circle using d3.js

google camera

CSS wood tablet (perspective)


Pan run simulator


D3 Drag Rectangle with drag handles


Layer Switcher Example

Line Transition

Newton's cradle

U.S. Unemployment

K-means clustering visualization with d3

HTML nesting test


d3 tspan append

Leaderboard in d3.js

google style gauges using javascript d3.js

create HTML5 input type nodes using d3.js

Selectable Projection Demo

Selectable Projection Demo

Vertical d3 Calendar

Chicago Ward Remap Outlines


webkit dom serialization issue

quick hack experiment

d3 force layout with brushing and selecting of nodes

line transition problem

Gosper Curve

City Markers example

Map of GitHub Commits

Javascript Scope Test

Issue 655 Fix #2

New Mappings Created

Mappings in the Design Queue


SVG Path Cleaning

Squares ↔ Hexagons

Histogram Chart

Testing the native precision SVGPath.getBBox()

Testing the native precision of SVGPath.getBBox()

Pie Multiples

Line Chart with defaults example

Line Chart with defaults example

Mappings in the Approver Queue

Mappings in Development

Mappings in the Test Queue

Metadata Cnanges

d3.js Simple Tree and Cluster Demo

Impact Alerts

barStack (flex layout)

barStack - stacking with negative values

Tooltip as a d3 helper

Tooltip as a d3 helper

SVG font exposition

Comparing interpolation in Lab and LCh color spaces.

HSL colors in D3.js v2

d3 date axis simple example

d3 axis label prettified and using extent

d3 bootstrap popovers (exhibit A)

Fall 2012 Enrollment Counts & Limits

audio generated by an l-system

Change data in place?

testing circles in Leaflet.js (working)

d3 Axys Integration

json demo with leaflet

Swimlane with internal data and date axis

2 digit date bug in


markdown test

axys to excel to d3 to r and back

Parallel Coordinates with Invertible Axes

Improved Parallel Coordinates

HTML5 GPS plotter

SVG transform interpolation

Parallel Coordinates CSV Upload

d3.js grouped bar with incorrect text rotation

d3.js grouped bar chart with working rotation


r websocket for interaction with d3

Scatterplot (WebGL-2D)

Nutrient Parallel Coordinates, 60 Dimensions

Fisheye Nutrient Parallel Coordinates

d3 CSV Upload


Device Orientation and Motion

Fisheye Nutrient Parallel Coordinates, 146 Dimensions

Chrome Circle Precision Bug

HTML5 Canvas path benchmark (various composition modes)

Simple d3 Radar Chart

β(s) Spirals

D3 Hive Plot (Areas) - std expose

Treemap works in safari not firefox

Disappearing svg in Firefox

SVG appears before transform

Grouped bar

Spiral for John Hunter

D3 Hive Plot (Areas) - evil exposure

d3.js [vanilla/mbostock]: axes examples

playing with a very minimal one page site

Basic JSIL HTML Template

D3 using nest on csv data

Kraftgraf for formueskatt v0.1

Gringorten Equal-Area Projection

Make an element follow a path

Crossfilter examples (d3)

barStack - stacking with negative values

Force-Directed Graph with Mouseover

D3 Table with Inline Bar Indicator

A simple Breakout clone created using JavaScript

Force graph with larger radii

A basic pack layout with D3

D3 to nest or not to nest selections - examples

move letters

OSM users graph for wikipedia

Selectable elements

SVG Swarm with 3d transforms

Google Treemap example

One-way markers demo

SVG points and 3d transforms

SVG points and 2d transforms

Demonstration of red/blue interpolation options

d3.js animation pattern

d3.js example | circle packing in a rectangle

India State Finances 2010-2011

0 opacity lines

Mercator Projection


Erdős–Rényi Force Directed Graph


Spherical Force-Directed Layout

Reuseable component - Color Bar

Focus+Context via Brushing

distant google maps markers

Gender Breakdown of DC Cyclists 2005-2012

Helmet Usage of DC Cyclists 2004-2012

Sierpinski Chaos Game

L*a*b* and HCL color spaces

bewest glucose with panning

Bike Peak Data, ways of looking at rates of growth

Bicycle Ridership in DC

Exponential Regression Line Using numbers.js & d3.js

Unknown Pleasures

Ridership Growth on a Log Scale

Easy Custom Pie Labels In D3

MatthewMueller's array working with leaflet.js

Bootstrap style overriding CartoDB style

bootstrap.css superceding cartodb.css

Basic Reusable Slopegraph

clojurescript convex hull using d3+strokes

Fleshing out bootstrap map switch controls

MECMaps w/ commune-level SQL switch

MECMaps tweaked v0.5

Full peripherals, CartoDB+Mapbox+Bootstrap

SVG Self Dividing Line

birthday 4 dooug

Café wall illusion

Area Gradient fill

Basic CartoDB + D3 Choropleth

Census Dotmap + Reference

Making a Heat Map Legend with D3 - a Simple Example

Simple Path Editor

Exploding globe in D3

OSM Edits by Second of the Day

D3 for layout management

JSHint test ...

layerActions structure for layer switch

New layerAction structure for MECMaps

World Bank Climate CO2 Emissions (per country) D3 + CartoDB

World Bank Climate CO2 Emissions (per capita) D3 + CartoDB

Prototype of Graphing App

Circular key (similar to axis) v1

Colored Atlantis Projection

scaled rects

a rose is a rose

JavaScript mixin patterns

D3.js axis gridlines width < 1.0

minor Gridelines

d3 minor lines 3

d3 minor lines 4

d3 minor lines 5

d3 minor lines 6

Czech presidential elections

d3.js major minor tick style 1

d3.js major minor tick style 2

d3.js major minor tick style 3

infowindow fracas

Fibonnacci Monolith

Fiddling with D3 Finder params

Introduction to D3js: Examples

D3 Beeswarm Layout

Simple Word Tree

D3 Morphing Map Projections

I Miss

strokes: voronoi clipping


pie with CSS

Star Polygons

k means clustering

Blocks by Reason

In which we roll our own clusterer

WebGL-2d Parallel Coordinates Test

strokes - General Update Pattern, II

strokes - General Update Pattern, III

10k points

loading 100k points in a worker

loading 100k points in a worker

Unknown Pleasures

Slopegraph lines in SVG and Canvas

d3 with x3dom Demo

Simple example of reusable d3 plugin.

So I need to call the data again?

Directional Force Layout Diagram with Node Highlighting

zui53 and d3 line chart

google calendar events + glucose

Directional Force Layout Diagram with varying link opacity

d3.phylogram.js, stackoverflow answer

D3 tutorial II: Setting projection

the illusion of links in a force

The growth in catholics around the world

Issue Breakdown

D3js simple grouping

Binned Line Chart

rangeRoundBands v rangeBands

d3.js breathing drop shadows

Colorize Alpha, Canvas

google calendar + d3 - simple list example

Chaotic Dynamics

Answers Demo

Brownian Bridge

map with parcoord forked from

IRI Retrieval Bug

The circle-text plugin.

Bubble treemap with better labels

Adventure viewer

Galileo takeover

German/French "Galileo war"

#RohingyaSOS 101

Still cashless in Gaza

simple example using vega, d3, and jstat

Capitalist cardinals

Gabon: 2008 TIP rating

Shah Deniz gas field

Mud is thicker than money

Lapindo mud

BP Oil Spill - the prequel

Pirates of the Iberian - the early days

Zipdecode Switzerland

Sunburst Partition - OK State Budget

OK Choropleth

Choropleth with time slider

Choropleth with time slider - 2

Continuous gradient key

Polylinear Time Scale

test highcharts

Indented tree layout

MultiBarChart with NVD3

Bubble Chart

Icelandic population pyramid

Testing Higcharts

Basic SVG grid

Cellular Automaton Maze

D3.js Gantt Chart, example 2

mbostock’s vertical bar chart example

Rotating with only one parameter

Translate and Rotate 1

Pie Chart Update, III

Translate and Rotate 2

Grouped table example (by Paul Moran)

markov model training

2-speed Revolving Bar

Master and Slave Levers

Wavy Text (M. Bostock)

Doing X3Dom with D3

Simple Drag Demo

Stacked Area Chart with rCharts and NVD3

Slider for Rotation

Satellite Raster

Converted to simple squares.

Test to see how renders SVG.

Prague 2010-2013

Dotted Path Following the Mouse

D3: Using d3timer to Centrally Control Movement

A Radius Follows the Mouse

Kernel density estimation

Text in SVG

2012 faculty-to-major ratio at Calvin

Convierte tabla #HTML a #CSV y exporta la misma.

Tree Graph with Phases Below Leaf Nodes

MA basemaps

Pan+Zoom within limits (discontinuous and log scales)

Overlaid force directed graphs. Inspired by Bit Coins!

España 2012-2013

DBC Phase 2 Practice Assessment Part 3


TopoJSON via MapBox & Leaflet

Two vector tile layers (OSP)

dag layout

x3dom in callback test

Gantt chart with external data example

Playing around with d3's transition easing options.

DAG visualization


Run Pace Viz experiment #10

run pace viz experiment #10

d3 tron style wip

World Map of trust

Candidate Tracker

Tutorial II


All Trains All Predictions

Bullet Charts with automatic updating

Non-contiguous cartogram and choropleth

Interactive verse

forcing web-site to show in landscape-portait mode only

Tufte-style slopegraph

istambul code coverage rendition issue

Fixed function coverage in istanbul 0.1.40

Graph with labeled edges

Minimal Code+Demo Setup for

Boeing 777 Descent Profiles, SFO

Linked Micromaps Plots

TOPOJSON points - OK Prisons II

Colored links in force-directed graph

Variable selection choropleth - OK food deserts

Multiple Simple graphs on one page

Simple Reusable Bar Chart (for a London D3 Meetup)

Loose Quadtree Illustration

Embed Maps, Blog Layout

No2bio widget archive - fork this and make it better

rCharts + jQuery DataTables

Bar chart practice

SVG transform

D3 Sat view with hover - again so I don't lose it

word bricks: a method for visualizing n-grams

Github as a geodata server, take 3

Github as a geodata server, take 2.

strokes issue #8

boostrap scrollspy test

Simple modification based on mbostock's Bullet Charts.

Google Maps with Shiny

d3.js Loading Spinner Icon

Circles bouncing inside a rectangle

Flag map with D3js

Flag map with D3js - SVG

Animating Flowers

OPHZ client demo

Circles bouncing inside an SVG path

US Treasury Yield Curve using a R lattice plot with d3

muniNow Quick Demo

Simple grid example

Multiple foci for false pie chart

D3 + Angular Chart

something something

Matrix with Multi-Foci Force Graph

Force-Directed Edge Severing

Animated Civis Analytics Logo

A Pen by Julian Garnier.

DRYer Bar Chart

rCharts dimple with Angular Controls

rCharts nvd3 Test of ohlcBar Model

boids skeleton

rCharts | Temporary Way to Title a dimplejs Plot

7th Grade Graphs with D3

Coalition Majority

Force layout parameter editor

Hilbert curve (L-system)

Moore curve (L-system)

Bar chart with pos/neg values

D3: Open Hours (.csv parsing)

Peano (?) curve (L-system)

Adjustable ranges on color scale

Adaptive Composite Map Projection example

rCharts dimple version of Fantasy

Scatterplot w/label selectors


Scatterplot w/toggle label selectors

Strategic Dilemmas

AI path smoothing solution graphic

time-series breakdown

Discrete Gaussian distribution

Fixed filtering, legend order, minor code changes.


Control patch line

HTML: Two Google Maps side by side and linked (CSS banner)

Crisi sísmica de la costa de Vinaròs

Relative Budgets

Waterfall Chart with rCharts and uvCharts

Google Chart Demo

Spline Transition together with Static Plot

Learn to write

rCharts micropolar dartboard

Draggable circles

Datawrapper Demo

Canvas Force-Directed Graph

linked mouseover starting point

Event bubbling

A Pen by seth kontny.

Facebook IPO Chart

Barchart with labels

Force diagram with labels

TopoJSON geometrical renderer

micropolar linePlot ordinal angular scale problem

micropolar linePlot angularDomain working

Custom hex projection

Hex coordinates (rectangular)

Gosper hex tiling (fancy)

Globe to Map

Gosper hex tiling

Globe to Map II

Globe to Map III

Globe to Map IV

Precomputed Gosper regions

d3 treemap with child highlighting

DataTables Options

DBC Phase 2 Practice Assessment Part 3

Union-Find Visualization

Cryptogram Interactive Puzzle

Gosper regions (quantitative)

Twitter data visualization

World Map (Travels)

ACA QHP demo

Link nodes to avoid node/link overlap

Topojson Paleogeography (normal order)

Topojson Paleogeography (reversed latitudes)

bookmarklet for enabling the color picker

Context menu on several elements: circle, rect or whole.

A color picker layout

From CSV to HTML table (Advanced)


Concavity II

Clock Spins

For creating an approval matrix/magic quadrant viz in d3.

on the display property


Reuseable bar chart

Reuseable Line chart

Zoomable Treemaps Using CSV

DBC Phase 2 Practice Assessment Part 3



Different Use of catcorrjs - Photo EXIF

Mobile Map Form

Leaflet + D3 + Vector Tiles (via Nelson Minar)

Tacloban City, 1944 vs. 2013

Super Formulas

ID-based force layout

Snap.svg Animation Tests #1

Top 10 contributors (by # of playlists) to the FMA

Graph editing

Set the initial zoom level of a brush.

AR: effect of lemas 2011,2013

A Pen by Andrew Kirchmyer.

A Pen by Andrew Kirchmyer.

A Pen by Andrew Kirchmyer.

A Pen by Andrew Kirchmyer.

A Pen by Andrew Kirchmyer.

Ward locations

Graph with immutable nodes and links

Tree layout with root collapsed

Ward Locator

Hypothetical Ward Finder

Ward Locator

Pole-wrapping geometry issue

Horizontal Bar Chart

D3 Brush and Tooltip IV

Higcharts AreaRange with rCharts

D3 Brush and Tooltip I

LineTool example

Ternary plot

6 hour marks with d3's time axis.

D3's time axis with 6 hour marks.


SVG colored patterns via masks/CSS without images

Histogram and Kernel density estimation

Simple Bar Chart

D3.js and Backbone

Multiple tile layers in leaflet.js


Random tree

Invoice using a minimalist d3 templating system

The 2014 Budget in Context

rCharts with Slidify

Random tree II

A Pen by Michael Fasani.

Frontline Freelance Register member skills

Czech elections 2013: double bar chart

Directional Force Layout Diagram with node colouring

CL Presidential Elections 2013: 2nd round

Text on horizontal bar chart - d3 -- D3js porfolio for dataviz' professionals: How to.

Bitcoin Arbitrage - Priceonomics

Adding links to objects

JS: Validate credit card numbers

Add blocking work in background.

Random tree (unordered)

What per cent of people in the UK have used the Internet?

Canonical representation of unordered rooted trees

Random pronounceable strings

Collapsible Tree data loading experiment

cuarteto de Anscombe

responsive left off-canvas

CZ Presidential Elections: 4+ and 2- votes (stacked chart)

Broken Plotting Code

A Pen by Jesse Taylor - saved as gist

D3 spiral matrix

RevealJS with Bootstrap Columns

Multicharacter codes in svg fonts

CSS tooltips (hint.css)

rCharts with Controls in an RMarkdown Document

Majority chart

Regular Polygon Vertices Generator

S&P 500 Min Close During Year versus First Day Close

simple JQuery slideshow


Categorical color scale generator (HCL)

Hair Color vs. Eye Color

Filter test: standard js array.filter() vs d3.filter()

A Pen by jupegarnica.

Vertical d3.fisheye

Multiple line graphs with labels

A Pen by Malik Baba Aïssa.

A Pen by Yogev Ahuvia.

A Pen by zessx.

D3 Zoomable Treemap - Need tooltip boxes

SVG Diagonal Path

SVG text bounding box (with transform)

Basic force layout (ID-based, zoomable, fixed random seed)

SVG text bounding box

Boolean operations on 2D shapes

Space-flling curve layout (Gosper)

Space-filling curve layout (Hilbert)

Jigsaw treemap (Hilbert)

Jigsaw treemap (Gosper)

Hilbert treemap (full hierarchy)

Hilbert treemap (area encoding)

dimple.js max min issues with multiple series

Start of Olympic D3 map hack

work on @ramnathv datamaps plugin

Grideroo Visually

Animated choropleth of homicide rates in Mexico 1997-2013

Animated path multi-series line chart

Per cent of Internet users in Comoros, 2011

Interactive drag and drop weekly course schedule.

Bar chart with mouseover event

Per cent of Internet users in Comoros, 2005, 2010 and 2011

Leaflet Vectors and Nested Functions, Oh My!

data matrix --> "html table" using d3.js

Older Legend Example

SVG Animation with CSS3

US Trade Deficit

[D3.js] Pie chart

tooltip positioning

UI toggle

D3 Clock

Highcharts Tooltips

urban data hacking

Concentric circles

Collatz (3n + 1) Conjecture

Highcharts with Date on x-Axis

Shopping Center Layout

Peano Hex curve (L-system)

Peano Hex curve II (L-system)

Hilbert Hex curve (L-system)

Felon Voting Map

Map of the Netherlands

Contextually aware axis ticks

Enter-Update-Exit in Force Layout

Histogram: grouped, stacked, normalized

A Pen by Ian Rose.

Thin Donut Chart

Loading data into Angular, Part I

Loading data into Angular, Part II

Stacked-to-Grouped-to-Normalized Bars

modifications to the axis ticks

Loading data into Angular, Part III

Loading data into Angular using the $http service

Dynamic historical stock data with d3.js and YQL

Legendary Key

World's largest employers (in millions)

[CSS] 3D Cube

d3 | random radius

Force Layout

d3 | Loading external data (tsv)

d3 with custom svg images

d3 | random SVG paths

rCharts dimplejs rendition of bfast on S&P 500

rCharts d3.js Interactive Look at bfast breaks

rCharts parallel coordinates version of market returns

Responsive visualizations using Angular directives

Reusable Line Chart

Reusable Bar Chart

Multi-Series Line Chart

Basic Force Layout


Stacked Bar Chart

Toggling CartoDB layer

Day Parting

Swimlanes for media plans

D3 Orthographic Projection with TopoJSON

Pulse Primer

Plumbing Primer

Rotation Circle

Circles clipped in a circle


HDO D3 timeline

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