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api ajax

d3-voronoi-map v2 usage

Stacked Bar Chart w/ CSV- V4- Fully Commented

Grouped Bar Chart Toggle Series, update for d3v5

Treemap 4.0

d3.compose Heatmap

Crime by Race Dataset (Normalized)

D3 Block-a-Day: Day 4, January 4th, 2017

Sequences sunburst (d3 v4)

75 Years of Batman logos

Ch. 5, Fig. 30 - D3.js in Action

Normalized Stacked Bar Chart

Tidy Tree vs. Dendrogram

Donut Chart Small Multiples

Pie Chart Small Multiples

Dendrogram + Grouped Horizontal Bar Chart

Stacked Bars

D3 Bi-directional Drag and Zoom Tree on D3 development

Categorical Line Chart with Gridlines

IEX Market - Classic Charts

Get elem width

Animated path multi-series line chart

Multi-Series Line Chart Demoing Selection Groups

Object constancy with multiple sets of time-series (update)


Multi-Line Voronoi with colors

Multi-Series Line Chart

adjacency matrix

Rank Chart

Reusable Line Chart v2

Multi-Series Line Chart (Planet Coverage)

Dimple.js simple time chart

1988 Porsche 959 Sport

Average Price Histories II

2003 BMW Z8

Subway Wait Assessment

Kobe Bryant 2012-13 Game Log Line Graph

My Formula 1 Championship Standings

Time Series Sketch Prototype

Bump Chart (Major League Soccer v3)

Ordinal Axis

Signal Plot III (zoom)

[unlisted] map boxes

Input Value Interpolation

Halos 2: Experimental Halo (The "Combine" Trick)

Voronoi Arc Map

Map with Voronio Polygons for Tooltip

animated bar chart with labels

Mobile Nav no JS

distribution 1

Simple Map - d3.carto

distribution 1

D3 - Thailand Map

Rectangles Update Function

Sorting the Grid

Tree diagram

Radial Stacked Bar

Multi-Series Line Chart

Super smooth Sunburst Labels v4

Multi-line graph 4: Toggle

Famine Forecasting Framework

Parent Child TreeMap of Specific Id

Day / Hour Heatmap

Zoomable Circle Packing

Network Annotation with Collision Detection


Line Chart Transition

Nest Treemap

Circular layout

Line Hovering With Point Sampling



Stacked and stepped area chart


GeoJson map of Colombia

Map Loupe

Map Loupe

Density Contours II

Super smooth Sunburst Labels v4

Text tween

Networks - Graphs 7

Directed Force Diagram - Social Network

ranking chart (soccer Ligue 1)

D3 - Thailand map by population density

Network Annotation with Collision Detection

transition of bar chart

Circular Force-Layout

Chicago Lobbyists Force-Directed Graph Visualization

Adaptive-content-model V0.1



Heatmap Calendar ( Vertical )

Tree diagram using flat data with v4

Rounded Rectangle

Riser 1 and 2

A simple choropleth map

Parallel Coordinates

3D scatter plot using d3, x3dom

labelled force

reusable scatter es6 class

astronomy to data science

Sankey from FrameNet csv with d3.js

sankey career paths


labelled force Dynamic!

test b drp dwn


WIA Bubble

drp down cb

Treemap for node text testing

My Final Project Demo

My Final Project Draft

Collapsible Tree

Tidy Tree | Vis each* d3-hierarchy methods

Interactive Linux process tree using d3.js

Interactive d3.js tree diagram

d3.tree - A Family Tree

Collapsible tree diagram in v4

Search Collapsible Tree

Dendrogram + Grouped Horizontal Bar Chart



multiple lines

Barley Line Chart

Bump Chart (Major League Soccer v3)



Storyboard Control

test b drp dwn2


Arc Tween Percent Rings

X and Y force splits

Pie Chart Update, II (V5)

Dendrogram + Grouped Horizontal Bar Chart

Choropleth V5

Collapsible Tree

Fetemba, analizando los resultados del Grand Slam 2018

Collapsible Tree Rectangles with Hyperlinks

Radial Stacked Bar III

choropleth map


Latex Test

Latex Test


Latex Test

2d Slider

Draggable force network diagram

hexagon achievements

Particle Orbit

MMLA Transcript Analysis

WWSD #11: Mapbox-gl + d3 SVG overlay

Basic Map Zooming

Yield Curves, 1990-2018

Cotización del dólar

Evolución de la nafta súper de YPF en CABA

Filtered groups

Row charts

Frontend Masters d3 tutorial


Animating a user interaction in mapbox-gl-js

World Map

Spinning World

Vega-Lite: Trying to combine selections

US Topo & Wafflehouses

US GeoJson & Wafflehouses

First weekday of the month

US GeoJson & Wafflehouses

World Map &Neighbor Countries

Sankey from CSV II

JavaScript Horizontal Scroll + Drag

d3-force-reuse crash [UNLISTED]

Slope Chart

Map with circles

Families of Musical Instruments

bar chart (100% SVG)

Music Periods Select

3.5 data loading

expansion of the US

Zoomable Choropleth

U.S. Counties TopoJSON

Zoomable World Map

Sankey from csv with d3.js

Sankey diagram using names in JSON

Zoomable World Map

interactive line chart

dots on a map ebola practice other

Sankey Diagram with v4

colony4 - sankey tree

Sankey Diagram with v4

three.js css3d - periodic table. info.

Advent of Code 2018: day 1 (part 2)

arc ring v5

Advent of Code 2018: day 1 (part 1)

streamgraph d3ia

streamgraph d3ia

dc.js example

simple p5.js sketch

MultiParent Tree Test

Scatterplot Iris using different marks

Matrix Scatterplot Iris (d3.v4)

Stacked bar chart v4 stocks data

Division-Role Interface

Division-Role Interface

Basic Tic-Tac-Toe in SVG

d3plus treemap provincias y departamentos

temperatures bar chart (FEM)

circle pack hover highlight

FEM (enter, exit, update and transitions)

simple treemap flat data

Mexico's indigenous towns by state

try promises

Small multiple area line charts

dc.js example


Using d3-tip to add tooltips to a d3 bar chart


scale sqrt vs scale linear

Mapa Proceso v0.1

Basic US State Map - D3

Linking scatter plots and bar charts

Force-Directed Graph with Literal Data

Force-Directed Graph from Flow CSV

Zoomable Sunburst with Labels

Bar chart (rotating + highlighting)

ESRI JSON in Leaflet

MM Advisors

PCSW district-wise scatterplot

MM Advisors All Locations

Geo map grippe

Grouped to stacked

beeswarm + voronoi

beeswarm + voronoi

Beeswarm no voronoi

interactive tree diagram menu

rotate text

D3 Interactive Tree Diagram

Générateur de noms de villages français

Sequences sunburst (sle1_english)

jquery example multiple select

jquery combined with selectize

Sequences sunburst (sle2)

Advent of Code 2018: day 2 (part 1)

Advent of Code 2018: day 2 (part 2)

Sequences sunburst (sle1_you4_english)

Sequences sunburst (sle2_4)

Multi-Series Line Chart

Sequences sunburst (sle2_you4_english)

selectize with svg

array filter

minimal selectize with line chart

bootstrap two columns and input

selectize on side with line chart

selectize input with multi-series line chart two columns

D3-Legends Examples

Bar Chart

Sequences sunburst (sle2_english)


Categorical colour scale generator

Sequences sunburst (4_no_LN_2)

Sequences sunburst (4_LN_1)

Sequences sunburst (4_LN_2)

Sequences sunburst (4_no_LN_1)

Sequences sunburst (4_LN_2)

Sequences sunburst (sle1_4)

2018: ICTS Sequences sunburst

HTML starter template


Zoomable Choropleth

Grouping nodes in a Force-Directed Graph

Multi-Series Line Chart

simple scatter plot d3v4

simple scatter plot d3v4

Facta project. v3

2018: Reactietijden horizontal bars

Radial Stacked Bar

mon template de page web responsive



line chart with stocks.csv dataset

S19 - HW 3 - Bar Chart

line chart with stocks.csv dataset



pack enter-exit-update

UFO sightings plot

Ellipse d3js

apply pack layout to existing nodes



Responsive Zara



Zoomable Sunburst with Labels


Interactive Small Multiples - Step 4

d3 geographic tile sets

S19 - HW 3 - Bar Chart

Sankey using named nodes in v4

JS Bin example1 // source

JS Bin // source

JS Bin // source

Aligning GeoJSON data with us-atlas TopoJSON

Trades over time

Geo map with tooltip

Geo map with tooltip

S19 - HW3 - Scatterplot

Vega-Lite Bl.ocks example

d3 api gbif current count

Animated Bar Chart

#MapboxGL / Hover + Click (personnalisation PopUp)

Mapping Wikipedia - Japantown SF

Line bar chart generator with time series

Narrative Charts

External SVG In Multipile Nodes

D3.js Boxplot with Axes and Labels

Rate of Opposition

Commuter In-Out Central Jersey Region

reading csv v5

reading csv v4

Commuters out of Central NJ

circle pack hover highlight

Horizontal Bar Chart

Animated path multi-series line chart

Sequence explorer - visitor flow

Sequence explorer - visitor flow (2)

Google requests treemap

Sequences sunburst (d3 v4)

Weighted nodes and curved links v4

lx meetup | d3-annotation

New Jersey State Plane

hierarchy-explorer demo


grid squares to star circle

Shelter assault

M&A circle timeline chart

simple bar chat

Heatmap using d3.js






vgl pilot test results very bad


IPCC governance

bean explorer

DNZ stuff

vgl pilot test results

HP Mentions per Book Force Layout

Interaction - Focus and Context using Zoom/Brush


US census tracts

CSV on a GL map!

Sized Donut Multiples

Scatterplot Matrix Brushing

Radar Chart D3 V4

Circle-Packing II

gráfico de barras con SVG

Scatter plot + Brush

Time Series Histogram

Directional Force Layout Diagram with varying link opacity

Line ordinal

Propagation Draft v0.1

Scatter Plot Matrix

d3js Elevation profile - Ratio automatically chosen

circle packing [UNLISTED]

D3.js v4 Force Directed Graph with Labels

Round slider (d3v5)

Cryptocurrency average order price versus size

DS Aug, Code 6

Propagation Draft v0.2

vgl pilot test results 032619

Remove before add

Interactive and attempting to be more DRY with the code

Brush & Zoom

Scatterplot Pills

Line Chart-project

star circle spin - canvas

D3 to PPT Mock Up

maptime demo

Nodejs chat with

US Flights animation (Canvas2D)

Simple ajax with python

7. date-x-axis histogram

Local Variables

Local Variables

Local Variables

D3: Unit Bar Chart with Brush and Zoom

Trades By Product 2

D3: Unit Bar Chart with Brush and Zoom

Clustered Interactive Force Layout v4

Voronoi Update Pattern II

Voronoi Update Pattern

Adjustable Link Strength

Adjustable Link Strength

Automatic Label Placement

Stacked Area Chart

D3v4 Constraint-Based Layout

Linked Beeswarm

clean start

Scatterplot with brush d3 v4

D3byEX 11.3: Repulsion

projection debugging

D3.js v4 Force Directed Graph with Labels

D3.js v4 Force Directed Graph with Labels

D3.js v4 Force Directed Graph with Labels

multiple pies

Toggling element visibility in v5 with async/await

Toggling element visibility in v4

Simple Circle Pack - rsp

Choropleth map with selectable countries

group bar

group bar with toggle

group bar

Linked *strict* Beeswarm


Satellite Projection

US Flights animation (Canvas2D)

Bars transitioning over text

World Trade

bubble one more time

Satellite Projection (canvas)

Canvas Render + Animation + Interaction

ELECTION 2012 County Wide Results


D3 Plus Ring Network updated

Above 75th Adjustment

basic joy plot

basic density plot

basic joy plot

reusable joyplot

Groninger gemeenten

Groninger gemeenten

met wfs en geojson als output formaat

vgl pilot test results 0506 by user

sankey with animated links

vgl pilot test results 0506

sankey with animated links

vgl pilot test results 0507 by user

vgl pilot test results 0507

sankey with animated links

trip map

D3 Scatterplot without data join

upset test

hover over group of bars

Zoomable Sunburst with Labels

Sobrerrepresentación en el sistema electoral español (2015-2019)

simple d3 barchart with transition

Bubble chart with d3-force

Organizational chart using d3.v5

bar chart example (semiotic)

Update child data when parent data is updated? [UNLISTED]

Line / Area Chart

Stacked Area Chart [UNLISTED]

Groninger gemeenten

Cryptocurrency average order price versus size

Perspective Streaming Example

Line bias

Groninger gemeenten


Basic Three.js App

Ball of string

#MapboxGL / Carte itinéraire

IVR from JSON with circles, bigger data

simple circle packing II

Commuter Flow North Rt1

Stacked Area Chart

Commuter Flow North Rt1 v2

Mapping Wikipedia - Atlanta

SF strip map

Sankey Barbara

d3-ez : Bubble Chart Example

d3-ez : Candlestick Chart Example

d3-ez : SlashDB Bugfix

d3-ez : Rose Chart Example

d3.layout.timeline categorized timelines


HindSight: Zoomable Treemap Bar Chart

timeline lollipop chart

Small Multiples Area Chart

Distribution of employment by industry, by state

Stock/Options Portfolio Dashboard Demo

Violin Plot + Box Plot v2

herbalife stock

Bullet Charts

Small Multiples Area Chart

Gooey Effect

IEX Market - Classic Charts

Lifespan events using segmented bézier curves

Drag Multiples

Zoomable Area Canvas with Retina

Canvas area charts zoom on click using d3.interpolateString GoogleMapOverlay fullscreen bug

Reusable Bar Chart

Rotation Example


Selection bug

Small multiple histograms

Simplified Globe

Voronoï <-> Rect treemap transition with flubber

Transitioning Numbers

Cross Country Trip

Visualize Data with a d3.js Bar Chart

D3 v4 Stacked Bar Chart with Negative Values - CFNAI Data


D3 v4 Stacked Bar Chart with Negative Values - CFNAI Data

Basic React App

Basic React App

Spotify draft

Basic react

Early Warning Project, Interim

Object Constancy in Animated Transitions


Radial Line Chart

Modifying a Force Layout

Modifying a Force Layout II

Date slider - with play/pause button

dynamic update graph

Trendline with react-stockcharts

D3-Force: Split Categorical

#MapboxGL / Heatmap

Tic Tac Toe

multiline chart with tooltip

Nested pie chart

Barley Yield Animation - Data Check

D3 Show Reel

D3 Show Reel

health stuff


Delete and rework

Interactive tree v4 external json

Interactive and attempting to be more DRY with the code

bar chart races

Global Population by Region from 1950 to 2100 - a remake

fresh block test

bar chart races - first display

Simple Difference Chart

Basic CARTO VL Layer

MB zoom circles in and out

creando 3 párrafos desde d3.js


SVG Filters on straight lines

d3 transition ex1

rotate rectangle

d3 transition ex3

d3 transition ex2

d3 transition ex4






skater force-directed network diagram

mi primer gist (lo voy a borrar pronto)

Catan Ranking

Simplified Globe

Simplified Globe

zoom/pan d3v4 - Full

Curved Links

FCC Drum Machine

Tween position of d3-annotation

Zoom to Bounding Box II d3v4-Identity

scatterPlot - debug help

Blocks Graph - w/thumbnails

Rating Results

CollapsibleTree Search

Tile - SixFold 1

Arrowheads at each end of axis

Stacked Area chart v3


300 Node Orbit

WASM Clingo

d3-indented-tree API example #22

d3-indented-tree API example #20

Towards Reusable Charts Example

Inserting @ 0 causes issues with join-update

Shadow DOM CSS + D3 Test

Symmetric Stack Chart (v4)

d3-indented-tree API example #21

vega-lite theme

Vega-Lite listener

d3v5 pie

d3v5 pie

D3.js v4 Force Directed Graph with Labels

Sankey - highlight links

Sankey - highlight links

Accediendo a los valores de un radio button desde d3js

Global Migration in 2015 - new data

Multi-Line Voronoi w commuter data

Global Migration commuter data v2


Multi-Line Voronoi -colors-CNJ commuters

Area Chart - CNJ Commuter Data North

histograma (vega-lite)

Strip Plot (VEGA-lite)

Streamgraph- CNJ Commuters north

circles enter-update-exit

Radial Normalized Stacked Bar

Network viz

Network viz, 2d version


JS Bin // source

arrondissementen zonder turf


test met arrondissementen


Zonder turf in d3v3

test met hogere scale factor

arrondissementen in d3.js v3

Oefenen met scale

scale 200

stackoverflow suggestie

top 10 airports network viz

test met scale 150

d3-indented-tree API example #30

d3-indented-tree API example #29

d3-indented-tree API example #23

d3-indented-tree API example #32

d3-indented-tree API example #31

1er Conversatorio sobre Open Data y Big Data

Multiple line graph in v4

Intersections of two circles

Dynamic BarChart

Burke Gilman Trail

Day / Hour Heatmap

d3-indented-tree API example #33

D3.js drawing nodes and links from json structure

Concurrent Transitions

Concurrent Transitions


v5 line tooltip

Parcel-react-jest - index.html

line dual hover

roughViz roughness examples

Sunburst Tutorial (d3 v4), Part 3

Diabetes Scatter Plot

Plottable (bars) - minimal working example

Diabetes Scatter Plot


Animated Bar Chart

Legend Component Mock Up

Moving SVG

epoch e shift

viewbox test

NFL Score Matrix

barras d3js sacando los datos de

vsup ggplot2 interactive svg

Zoomable Treemap Bar Chart

Zoomable Treemap Bar Chart

Distribution of employment by industry, by state

Nodes on Radar Chart 3

Radial Bar Demo - Customer Dim

Canvas Animation Using D3.js

Vega linechart


Load CSV

Example of d3-ForceEdgeBundling on US airline routes graph.

From CSV to HTML table (Simple)

Correlation Matrix (fork)

Bubble chart SparkCentral 2019: 1

SparkCentral 2019: 2

SparkCentral 2019: 3

El Kueglue (timeline)

TP2 Dataviz 2019-2020

RGB, HSL and LAB color spaces

D3: Map Timeline

Memory leak

bean test

Simple line graph with v4

// source

Randomized Contour Lines

shapes: line

Sankey Diagram with v4

Sankey Diagram with v5

growing dot to image

Northern hemisphere sea ice extent

Barchart avec hover

Hover map tooltip

Looping a transition in v5

1st sankey attempt

d3 parseTime

Coal phaseout

Manually Sortable D3 Barchart



McDowell's Heat

makeovermonday, w50, vega-lite

Multi-line graph 3 with v5: Legend

Force Layout Mockup

Force Layout Mockup

Double Line graph using JSON

scatterplot svg w/ 2 linear scales

D3-Fuse Demo

D3-Fuse Clustering with pie charts

7.6 animated bar chart | new dataset

D3.js Aurelien

flipped map

lighthouse audits

D3.js v4 Force Directed Graph with Labels

interpolated line-chart with legend

dc.js example

p5js @ntsutae birds noise sin cos

dc.js example

D3 line module test w/Canvas

Motif - Test

Simple Flight Animation

WA Parcel-lookup-Demo

Custom circular axis


Grouped Stacked Bar Chart

Geological Timescale v4

JS Bin // source

JS Bin // source

D3: Unit Bar Chart with Brush and Zoom

JS Bin // source

Pattern Fills

d3-indented-tree API example #26

d3-indented-tree API example #24

d3-indented-tree API example #27

d3-indented-tree API example #25

Quality Profile

Vacation Day Planner

4.6 bar chart | negative

enjalot intro bounce

line chart (100% svg using path)

bar chart (static data)

scatterplot (100% svg)

scatterplot (100% svg)

scatterplot (using iris dataset)

line chart (100% svg using path)

line chart (temporal data)

Grouped Stacked Bar Chart




simple rectangle using margins





4.11 scatter plot | small multiple


Animate line and points

Animate line and points


Scatterplot of Iris data : d3 v4

multiline with threshold

5.5 button | click

2019: Stretched Chord Diagram ATAB

bar with threshold

multiarea with threshold

scatterplot using Iris dataset

5000 movie database... just playing around

grouped bar chart (b&w mockup)

Stacked bar chart v4 stocks data

big O - O(N2)


variable position

Animated dots








#Leaflet / Afficher un fond de carte en tuiles vectorielles

#MapboxGL / Clusters thématiques

bar chart examples

List that filters HTML UI

7.5 animated bar chart | index

2019: Stretched Chord Diagram ATUB

ease delay

2019: Stretched Chord Diagram Ceif

2019: Stretched Chord Diagram FOOCES

2019: Stretched Chord Diagram LIO

2019: Stretched Chord Diagram KlaSCe







RGB Equivalent Example

2019: Circle Packer ICTS (excl. spam/geannuleerd)

2020/W4: Bridges for Prosperity - Rwanda

2019: ICTS Sequences sunburst

2019: Radial Cluster Dendrogram


Shortage Graph

Shortage Graph

Radial Sets

matrix inside circle

matrix inside circle

matrix inside circle

Mobility Bubble Chart (Spring 2020)

Recreating my child’s pre-school scrapbook with CSS Grid

Chord Quiz

Axis values transition

Mobility Bubble Chart (Spring 2020)

Florida Gun Deaths

Stacked bar chart with tooltips

2020w7 world wealth

2020w7 world wealth

Color Palette Reference

Demonstrate d3 enter-update-exit pattern for divs

2019: ICTS Initiele Servicegroep Chord diagram

Character Combinations

Word Combinations

Bar Chart in D3 v5

Stacked bar chart with tooltips

Adjacency Matrix from Array Literals smaller data

Lorenz System

histogram (no svg)


(Solution) StudentDevCon2020 Workshop Sandbox

Sandbox - StudentDevCon2020 Workshop Sandbox

StudentDevCon2020 Workshop Sandbox

El DB-Ranking de las 7dbs, marzo 2020 (circle packing d3js)


moving circle

Here comes the sun

simple transition animation

moving data item Vue

move data in Vue by date

animate a div with D3

# MapboxGL / Cluster

Flu Illness Cartogram

dc.js stocks example

dc.js stocks example

dc.js stocks example

dc.js stocks example

World numbers

Brush & Zoom using viewBox

Leaflet MyLoc

leaflet map (visit via


heatmap with scales per row

Working Copy - BetaCityYEG Workshop Sandbox

BetaCityYEG Workshop Sandbox

Covid multiples

7.1 simple transitions

Vega-Lite Bl.ocks example

Vega-Lite Bl.ocks example

Vega Bl.ocks bloodpressure example

gbif analytics

makeover monday, W13 2020



dc.js example

Gold Coast Environment Impact

google style gauges using javascript d3.js v4

4.10 scatter plot | glowed

alumnos por comuna (gráfico de barras - datawrapper)

World Map with Tooltip Country Name v4


Travel map

Vega updates not queued

Fill patterns

Fill patterns

5.3 tooltip



Vega-Lite Locale Example

Australia map



Tile by Bounding Box [UNLISTED]



Yodlee Datasets


fresh block22

JS Bin // source

bbox example

SVG foreignObject Example

Force-Directed Graph


Choropleth U.S. county map

Cartesian Graph

Call to action emails

Choropleth V5

Simple d3.js bar chart

Fit Grid Items to Rect

mom w19 tomando los datos de (d3js, divs)

d3v5 world map 04 manual breaks + threshold scale


Multiple D3 Horizontal Bar Charts Mixed In With Common HTML Layout Constructs

Multiple D3 Vertical Bar Charts Mixed In With Common HTML Layout Constructs

Multiple D3 Pie Charts Mixed In With Common HTML Layout Constructs

Multiple D3 Top Down and Bottom Up Stacked Bar Charts (without d3.layout.stack)

d3.bisect() usage to get Y value for mouse X where x axis is a timestamp/date

Mapping the first day of the Blitz bombs with d3.js and Google Maps

D3 Radial Hub and Spoke Chart Mixed in With HTML Layout Constructs


Demo for passing JS variables to "tile_style" params

A satellite projection with a few interesting UI elements, as well as a simple geo-located bar chart.

updated Mike Bostock's collision detection example for d3.v3.js

Why you arrive from the North when flying to the US from Iceland.

Creating a sample of the problem I am facing with the pack layout

Adapt Mike Bostock's brushable handle example to work with a resizable and draggable jquery ui box.

fork of with zoomooz.js and intro.js functionality

improved version of my d3.js selection frame example ( supporting draggable/selectable nodes

use clickme in R and vega in javascript to produce a line chart of JGB rates

small multiples plot of JGB Yields from Japanese MOF using r, clickme, and d3

initial sketch of jgb yields small multiples with yield curve

Vector slippy map of rivers built entirely in D3, no other mapping library.

explore the intended and unintended consequences of fed and boj actions

tag_filter and tag_filtered_rss rawdog plugins for

JavaScript D3: Arc tween transitions using attrTween and attr methods


Fajas y meridianos de la proyección Gauss-Kruger para la Argentina

HTML: Google maps with CartoDB (v3) layer, includes cartoCSS (CA counties)

HTML: CartoDB with Google and (more) custom window (incl. SVG)

HTML: CartoDB with Google Highcharts custom infowindow (detail)


ColorBrewer sequential single hue scales vs. d3 interpolators.



Try 4

Try 2

CL Presidential Elections 2013: 2nd round, Metropolitan area

D3 Canvas ImageData w/ Constrained Zooming and Marginal Distributions


CZ Presidential Elections '13: Voters' transfers (research)

Senate Elections 2014, Zlín; Ecological Inference using Regression

Column chart w/ bar labels - Centenarians per 100,000 people by country

UA: Changes in Parliamentary Groups with connection to Maidan and Crimea

SK: Presidential elections 2014 - 2nd round - "Volebné obvody"

Dot Map

zjonsson's d3.js+Leaflet integration (brushed up) [UNLISTED]

Imitate hand-drawn (imperfect) circles using cubic Bézier segments

rCharts + factorAnalytics | french/fama & frazzini/pedersen

US and Global Factors | rCharts + dimple.js Correlation Plot

US and Global Factors | rCharts + dimple.js Cumulative Line Plot

Understanding D3.js Force Layout - 2: Simple to Complex with (almost) No Code Changes




Understanding D3.js Force Layout - 3: Seeing a Layout in Action


A simple example of using a basic chart created within the ninjaPixel.js framework

R | Interactive d3.js treemap of file directory with d3treeR and data.tree

newest version of d3treeR view of htmlwidgets and their Github stars

R | Norvig's English Letter ngrams with sunburstR (d3.js sequence sunburst htmlwidget)

R visualization of arules with arulesViz + igraph + visNetwork

TraMineR + rcdimple | Analyze State Sequence Data with dimple htmlwidget

Animated Christmas SVG in R with htmltools + rvest + XML & vivus.js

R code using rvest + htmltools + pipeR to grab css information from

R + d3.js Parallel Coordinates of partykit ver 2 with interactive querying

Step 1 - Voronoi Scatterplot - Simple scatterplot with no Voronoi

Step 2 - Voronoi Scatterplot - Tooltip attached to Voronoi grid

Stretched Chord - Step 5 - How to make the chords touch the pulled apart arcs again

Stretched Chord - Step 2 - How to create an empty section in between the two halves

Stretched Chord - Step 1 - How to set up a Chord Diagram matrix to show Flows

Stretched Chord - Step 3 - How to make the two sections symmetrical

Wars II





Graph different parts of data in different DC charts (inbound/outbound as an example)

Bolivia, población por departamento (censo 1976, 1992, 2001 y 2012)

Define: infovis ( tabú words: [data, visualization, information] )

iris dataset ||-coords using

Just making silly pretty pictures. I guess you might be able to learn a thing or two about D3 transitions if you don't already know how they work.

Overlaying D3: hull, voronoi, voronoi.triangle, and quadtree

Users' behaviour (answering VAA) - VolebníKalkulač

Bootstrap: Android select menu fix // source

FlatDoc template with large header image and larg button, legacy.js



DBpedia Map - First-level classes of the ontology (with links)

Node-link polar layout with centrality (weighted eigenvector)

OpeNER - Places with categories (Paris, polar area chart binning)





Top mortality causes in 2012 (low- and middle-income countries)

Final - Voronoi Scatterplot - Life expectancy vs GDP per capita

Dual Axes Line Chart Using Google Charts pulling from Google Sheets




ckmeans & now deprecated Jenks Natural Breaks with simple-statistics and d3



Inequality Shares (for countries we have data - Worldbank database)

People Coming & Leaving Hackney, London - Immigration is Awesome!

Closest Point on a Path and Its Tangent II (faster tangent method)


California Annual Maximum and Minimum Temperatures 1895-2014

d3 Force directed graph with node size transitions - velocity.js transitions

d3 Force directed graph with node size transitions - CSS transitions

Force-Directed Graph with Drag/Zoom/Pan/Center/Resize/Labels/Shapes/Filter/Highlight

Stratega for managing objects to be only visible on the plot surface

Correlación del porcentaje del territorio forestal vs. su extensión en millones de km2. Año 2013.

Project for the Data Journalism course. Shows the unemployment rate and noncontribute pensions for catalonia's comarques. Many thanks to Scott Murray, Albert Cairo and Gloria Yanguas (who made the CSS which I'm using here).