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Visualization Implementation (VI3)

OpenLayers 3 Google Maps API

Magnitude and Identify

spatial region

Visualization Implementation 3 (VI3)

Visualization Implementation 2 (VI2)

Visualization Implementation VI1

ggplot2-Style Axis

ggplot2-Style Axis

d3.js major minor tick style 3

ggplot2-Style Axis

D3.js Gantt Chart, example 3

Visual Implementation (VI4)

Simple example of reusable d3 plugin.

Bounded Force Layout - force rank by group

VI4 - Identity as Color Hue

VI4 - Magnitude as Position on a Common Scale

d3.js major minor tick style 3

VI4 - Magnitude as Area

Channel types and Channels (Visual Implementation 4)

Visualization Implementation - VI2

Information Visualization Implementation (VI1)

Visualization Implementation 3

JDR VI4 for CS725@ODU

shader gear

d3.js major minor tick style 3

d3.js major minor tick style 3

Week 5 - Scatterplot Fix - Josh's

A nicer chart about myths - Claudia Fix

38P Core Dashboard by MAJCOM and Grade

Sortable Barchart with a Tip

Active Duty End Strength

Officer AFSC Grouping using collapsible indented tree

Do you know your capitals?

Colour interpolation


Top 50 CA College Debt


d3.js Multi-series line chart interactive

SF Eviction Notice Data: Loading with d3js example

d3js | toggle yes no UI buttons

d3js | oboejs test

d3 | draw to square grid

d3 | simple square grid

d3 | squared grid coloured in

eon-chart for realtime updates with PubNub

Using d3 transitions on dummy nodes to transition data

dynamic pie chart with proper label orientation

pixi.js dragable Graphics object

Pixi.js WebGLRenderer

stacked bar chart with dynamic axes and labels

D3 Multiline Chart with Data Generator and Path Translation

d3 force layout inertial drag

Cubehelix Color Picker

Directed Force Diagram - Social Network

State Grid Map

N-Body Problem mean vs stddev mean lines

hexagon placement intuition

timeline - seasonality detection (II)

Text flow

CS 725 Information Visualization - VI4


Force Vertical Gravity

d3-scale experiments

Backbone.js exercise

BarChart class (Backbone)

Text alignment overview

Treemaps: boundary coloring

Term frequencies (Cassandra)


Recessions and Recoveries

Exploring the Solar System

Timeline of the discovery of the Solar System

Smooth drag with linear interpolation

Transition hacking with chains

Transition hacking

Jumping to the end of a transition


Gif rendering


City Parks and Features

Exercise 6

Exercise 6

Exercise 4

City Park Data

Module 6

Module 2 Exercise

Language data

Module 6 - Time-based Data

Module 5 - Scatterplot

Chapter 5 : Scatterplot

Module 4

Bikepaths Montreal

Module 4 - Adding Scales and Axes

AnAge Species Data Test

HeroScore Top 100 – W5

Infant Mortality Rate EU 1960+2012 – W5

Infant Mortality Rate EU 2012 – W4

Infant Mortality Rate EU 1960 - 2012 – W6

HeroScore Top100 W3

Infant Mortality Rate EU

The world's highest-paid celebrities 2015 ($m)

Global birth rate

Birth rate by country

Birth rate by country

Top 50 Hollywood Films

Top 50 Hollywood films released from 2007-2011

Project 1 for Intermediate D3 Data Journalism

Registered unemployed by Spanish Province

Investigating Link Between Internet Access and UN HDR Data

UN Human Development Bubble Chart Test

Belarus population - module 4

Belarus population by region

belarus population by region


Sugar Consumption Per Captia - USA and Australia

Sugar Consumption Around the World

Sugar Consumption Module 4 - Scaling

Sugar Consumption Per Capital Bar Chart 02

Sugar Consumption Test

Sugar Consumption Worldwide Per Capita in 1961

Intermediate D3 for Data Visualization - Project Module 1

Intermediate D3 for Data Visualization - Project Module 2

CartoDB VN-resoluties

CartoDB VN-resoluties

Exercise module 6

Exercise module 5

Exercise module 3: bar chart

Evenementensubsidies provincie Groningen - Test

Excercise module 4

Exercise Module 4

Exercise Module 4

Exercise Module 4

Exercise Module 3


Exercise Module 3

Doctor Who Earth-Based Time Travel Adventures

DW Earth Time Jumps Horizontal Bar Chart in D3 - PRESORTED

DW Earth Time Jumps Horizontal Bar Chart in D3


Doctor Who Deathly Hallows SVG Test

Chicago Hardship Index Week 4

MODULE6 Exercise: Time-based Data (new)


MODULE5 Exercise: Scatterplot by Year

MODULE4 Exercise: Adding Scales and Axes

MODULE2: Water Consumption In The New York City Test

MODULE5 Exercise: Scatterplot

Weapons exports worldwide, step 6

Weapons exports worldwide, step 5

Weapons export worldwide_step4

Weapons export worldwide_step2

Weapons exports worldwide

Countries 30.03.15.

Countries Module 2

College Grants Chart with Scales and Axes

Polling SVG TEXT and TSPAN width

Foot Traffic in Manhattan (Time Series)

Predicting Services

Pedestrians vs. Cars in NYC

Scatterplot GHG (total and per capita)

Scatterplot - GHG from 1990 to 2012

Greenhouse gases emissions

Greenhouse gases by country

Meat Consumption Beef OECD 1995-2015

GHG csv & html & svg

Youth unemployment rate in selected european countries.

Köln ALG 2 - Time Data

Bar Chart 2: Wahlbeteiligung in Kölner Veedeln

Hello World: You like my SVG cutie?

Scatterplot: FelonyOffensesVSArrests-2000-2011 In NYC

Module 6 exercise

FelonyOffensesVSArrests-2000-2011, Module 2 Exercise

Assignment Week 5

Assignment Week 4

Assignment Week 3

Module2 Test

Life expectancy at birth - Module 5 exercise [scatterplot]

Assignment Week 6

Life expectancy at birth - Module 4 exercise

Life expectancy at birth - Module 3 exercise

Life expectancy at birth

Exercise Module 5

Ice cream yum yum!

Data Visualization Module 4

Data Visualization Module 3 - Bar Chart

Test of Transistion

Population Density of London Boroughs


DVD32015: Module 2 Exercise

GMO Corn Data for D3

Less 5 MOOC

Lesson 4 MOOC good

Block Green Energy EU

EU renewable energy

D3 Basic Template

D3 Mouse Events

D3 Bar Chart (Animations)

D3 Scatterplot

Exercise 5

Ejercicio 4 knightd3

Producción de Automotores

Assignment 6

Assignment 4

Educación Ejercicio 2

Assignment 4

Number of Lego MiniFigs Released in 2014 by Theme

Renewable Energy Chart

Renewable Energy Test

Exports and Imports, % of GDP

OCDE's GDP per capita (labeled)

International Trade Test

DVD3.js - Module 3 Exercise

Portland Public School math results: scatterplot

Portland Public Schools: Math Standards

Portland School Data

Collision detection in transition

Rome marital status (2011)

The Costner Effect

Final exercise, about youth unemployment.

Girls' skills in mathematics

How much is thirteen to twenty-seven?

Ghg emissions' evolution by country, 2012 - scatterplot

Visitors to NZ National Parks

Jersey City . Public Housing

Taipei Youbike Rental Times since 2012

O Êxodo Português (1994-2014)


Clustering markers for a Redditor

Change Google Maps location and zoom with a Select control

associating buttons with map positions

Appending place details to html element

Benchmarking Google Maps Marker creation

Toggle KML elements

Styling unoptimized markers in Google Maps

Click on your desired destination

D3 vs Google Data Projection

module 4 assignment: data bound to map

Income distribution in New Zealand - 2006

Intermediate d3 course - assignment 1

module 2 assignment: motoGP wins and podium finishes

Assignment module 2

Assignment module 4

D3 Module 6 (Multiple Line Chart)


Exercise 2 Logo SVG

Price of chicken vs. price of dozen eggs - in constant US $

Infant deaths in Syria by year (Line Chart)

# of Infant deaths in Syria by Year (starting in 1960)

Deaths in Syria: Infant vs. Age under 5

Infant Deaths in Syria - Updated Chart

# of Deaths under age of 5 vs Total Deaths in Syria

# of Infant Deaths in Syria

Syria Stats

Map of Yemen, with subdivisions

Yemen - Provinces and Cities

US Military Aid, 1970 - 2012

Aid Spending By Country (2010)

Elements of National Power

Module 5 Exercise

Module 6 Exercise

UN Homicide Rates

Seattle's "12th Man"

D3-course-oct-2015 Renewable Energy

scatterplot renewable energy

multiple line chart renewable energy

Renewable energy, styled


bar chart renewable energy

Dataviz course Assigment 4

knight DataViz course assignment 3

knight course assignment 2 march madness odds

2013 Adult Smoking Data, US, State by State

bmnelson777 / FoodImportsScrubbed.csv

U.S. Beverage Imports Test

glucose again d3 pan zoom

cockpit oacids/openaps module

big blue test form

Haroopad 0.13.0 issue with inline math

Week 6 Project

Week 5 Project

Week 4 Project - 2014 Oahu Island Data

Oscar Winner Scatterplot

Oscar Winners with Axis

[Data Visualization and Infographics with D3] Module 2

Week 2 Module D3 Viz.

Availability of your favorite fruits in the US, 1970-2012

Melons Consumption by Race

Who Eats Apples & Bananas in the U.S.?

Availability of fruits in the US, 1970-2012 (grapefruit)

Oranges Consumption by Race

Bananas Consumption by Race

Apples Consumption by Race

Grapes Consumption by Race

D3 Arc Progress Gauge / Meter (for d3-js group)

Distance travelled by car has increased

Rwanda and The Congo's life expectancy 1960 - 2013

Which country spent the most per person on health in 2013?

Which country spent the most per person on health in 2013?

Help with tickSize

Seats held by women in national parliaments

Stock/Options Portfolio Dashboard Demo

Sankey Diagram for BRK/B BCS Strategy

Income inequality over time

Do people die younger in more unequal societies?

International inequality - with axes

SIPRI_Arms_Transfers - Exercise 5 - Two line charts

International inequality and a red car!

Exercise 4 - Scales and axes

Exercise 5 - Scatter plot

Exercise 2 - Loading data

Module 4 - Store Electricity geo plotted ... with issues.

Module 4, trying again but I think Git is broken. Again.

Module 3 Geo USA/CAN/MEX

Module 5

D3 Module 4

bar chart revised

Annual Mean Temperature Change for Hemispheres

Files for module-06 #knightd3 #dvd3course

Files for module-05 #knightd3 #dvd3course

Some files for module-04 #knightd3 #dvd3course

Breakdown: Students on free and reduced lunch in Iowa

Road Traffic Accidents

Cleaned bar chart: Free and reduced lunch in IA

Bar chart: Free and reduced lunch in IA

SVG drawing, D3 data load

D3 line chart: Album sales down

Interactive Bubble Chart

Updated Attrition Time Series

Cumulative Histogram with CDF line

Styled bar chart - OECD Education Spending

OECD Bar Chart

OECD Tertiary Education Spending 2010 to 2011

Project Part 2

OECD Scatter plot


Russian "SAT" test participants

Ex 6 Time series line chart with newly created array

Ex. 5 Scatterplot with cross-linked mouseover

Exercise 3- horizontal bar chart, sorted

Mod 2 Exercise- SVG and view console data

Where Graduates Go: Computer Science & Engineering

GreenHouse Emissions

Intermediate D3 - Module 4

Intermediate D3 - Exercise 1

DataVis with D3 - Module 5 Exercise

DataVis with D3 - Module 3 Exercise

DataVis with D3 - Module 4 Exercise

DataVis with D3 - Module 2 Exercise

Natural disaters in Alpes-Maritimes

20 villes Version 2

20 villes

Catastrophes naturelles

Module 5, exercice 5 (Joachim)

Module 4, exercice 4 (Joachim)

Forest data and my SVG with a small I to index !

Testing Odyssey for major WWII battles in China.

Mapping China's WWII battles - Shanghai

migrant remittances: Final mod No. 6 project

Mod4 project: Elizabeth Shell

where do migrants send money?

corporate profits

Average Annual Wages by State

USA, in moody blue

Chocolate bars! And axes!

Chocolate bars! (You knew that was coming!)

Chocolate bars! (You knew that was coming!)

Smile! Chocolate has been imported!

Smile! Chocolate has been imported!

Italian emitters (choropleth map with circles)


Emissions in Italy

Emissions in Italy

Chicago Crimes and Resulting Arrests

Chicago Crimes Arrest %

CO2 Emissions Test

Chicago Crimes Fade-in

Chicago Crimes Axes

Barchart to scatterplot

Cleaning chart

Module 3 - Bar Chart Exercise

Grouped horizontal bar chart.

Tachovsky Assignment 6

Subjective well-being

CT aid dot plot

Tachovsky Assignment 5

Tachovsky Mod 4 Assignment

Tachovsky Mod 2 Assignment



My Project

Carte Bixi Voronoï Montréal

Femmes élues au Québec

Participation 2011

Résultats 2011

Barchart with custom baseline

Investing in pensions

Exercise - Module 3

OECD Social Expenditure


Week4: Russian airports 2012 rankings

Russian airports 2000-2012 pax line chart

Upload Food Court CSV data using D3

Exercise 6: Line Graphs

Module 4: Ages of Top 10 Finishers

Module 2 Exercise

module 6: marriage rates

module5 - viennas top 100

Life Expectancy vs Health Care Spending

Vienna's fastest growing area

Health Spending comparison years 2008 - 2011

Polling Data Austria 2006-2015

Elections, Lower Austria, changes in turnout and electorate

simple legend and transition

Election results, Lower Austria, 1995 vs. 2015

Vienna map, mouseover-example

D3 Spline Editor

D3 Bullet Chart

Parliament seating diagrams

London: Average House Prices 1996-2014

A 19 Year Comparison of Regional UK House Prices

Line graph - updated highlight

Updated line graph


Scatterplot - child marriage and education

Child Marriage - bar w/axes

HIV Incidence

Child Marriage and Education Test

Could Georgia's newly-unemployed fill Turner Field?

Georgia unemployment rate, 1/2004 through July 2014

transition trial

Multi-series bar graph with clickable legend tutorial

flu vaccination rate by state

Georgia's budget in $1

Federal Student Loans, Georgia, 2013

MODULE 4 - Exercise

MODULE 5 - Exercise

MODULE 2 - Exercise

Module 6 - Measels Immunization Coverage Line chart

Module 4 Measels Immunization coverage bar chart

Measels Immunisation project

Water Sustainability and GDP

Domestic Violence Attitudes Scatterplot

Food Index Bar Chart

Death from cancer vs infection

Module 2 - Hee Joon Park

Drag to Rotate the Globe

China and Brazil Air and GHG Emissions

Scatter Plot - Module 5

Air and GHG emissions (tonnes/capita)

Air and GHG emissions - Module 4

Air and GHG emissions

Air and GHG emissions (tonnes/capita)

Horizontal 100 percent bar chart red

Horizontal 100 percent bar chart blue

Responsive bar chart with multiple bars


Disney Princess Names

Fade in scatterplot


Global variable test

Module 5 Arts Council funding scatterplot

Module 2 coursework

Test zoomable treemap

Argentina province grid

Alabama versus Auburn Football Expenditures

Cell phone subscriptions 1998 and 2013

Cell Phone Subscriptions with styles/axes

Dropdown panels

Knight Project Week 5: Running backs with 420+ touches

Running Backs with 420+ touches (Week 4)

New Jersey Crime

General Election seat changes 2010-2015 Chord Diagram

Bicycle traffic in the East Midlands from 2007 to 2011

the tiniest bar chart

Zipline-style virtual rendering on scroll

Tideline-style virtual scrolling

Exercise4: d3 class, WEF Global Gender Gap data

Exercise3: d3 class, WEF Global Gender Gap data

Exercise4: d3 class, WEF Global Gender Gap data

WEF Gender Gap Test

line chart with dropdown selector

html table with sparklines

bar chart with tiered dropdown

time lapse of circles


Dynamic Circles

D3 Intermediate - Module 1

yazanealaily - 5 largest megacities

D3-Legends Examples




Module 6: line chart

Module 4 final bar chart – Risk of mental health problems

Module 5 scatterplot


Ordinal Axis Grouping 2

Ordinal Axis Grouping 1


LocalStorage Cross-window notifications

Solar Analemmas Anywhere

Consumer Price Index

Transportation and Housing Spending Plotted

Housing Spending by Age Group

Meteorite Test


Total Degrees by Higher-Ed System Scatterplot

Scaling and Legends

Module 2: Data Load, SVG

Species Bar Chart

Threatened Species Test

Homework 4

Cambridge Development by Year and Neighborhood

Visualization with D3 Homework 2

Average annual hours worked hours per worker

Average annual hours worked in 2000 and 2013

Seattle Business Data 2011

Average annual hours worked in 2013


d3 plot of uranium ore production by country

D3 week 6

D3 week 5

D3 week 4

D3 week 2 bevolking

Summary of Monetary Contributions (scatter plot)

Oakland Campaign Finance

Pie Padding II


Rural schools in Texas | Load data

US DMA Model

Health Record

Plot Chart

Bar Chart D3

Norwegian parliamentary voting patterns

from bar graph to scatterplot

WEEK4 Exercise - adding axis and scales in D3.js

Week3 - Exercise

Spending in R&D by country

Historic BART Ridership Averages

BART Ridership from SFO and OAK

Exercise for module 6

D3 Multiline Chart with Data Generator and Path Translation

D3 Multiline Chart with Transform Interpolation

BART Weekday Ridership January 2015

Module 6: Tree Ring Line Chart

D3 Multiline Chart

DataVis Module 2: Tree Census by Decile

Module 5: Tree rings and climate change

Module 2 Tree Census plus SVG

World Life Expectancy

A sea of s**t

A sea of accidents

Ship accidents vs pollution in the Baltic Sea

Shipping accidents in the Baltic Sea (1989-2013) version 2

Shipping accidents in the Baltic Sea (1989-2013)

Mari's first SVG

Manju's SVG and Baltimore Crime Safety data

The Baltic Sea


Module 2: SVG and loading data EU Unemployment rate.

Internet Users

Trix + React

Stateless Components

Scrolling Made Simple

Advocacy Apps

InVision Do Markup + Styles

Curate drop

Module6 - Canberra population growth

Module5 - Canberra population growth

Module3 - Canberra population growth

Canberra Population Growth Data (Module 2)

Module4 - Canberra population growth

Unemployment in Poland

Results of last parliamentary elections in Poland

Stacked bar chart - elections in Poland

Module 3

Module 2

Module 4 Exercise Update #2

Module 2 exercise



Exercise for Module 4

Exercise for Module 5

Exercise for Module 3

Exercise for Module 6

Exercises for Modules 1 & 2

Exercise 2: Free lunch in PBC public schools

Module 4 exercise: Free lunch in PBC public schools

W6 exercise

Exercise W5

D3js visualizations course module 2 exercise

Lifer Test

% of seats held by women in Parliement in the EU

Women seats in parliament in 2014

Women in Parliaments worldwilde - 2014

Women in parliaments worldwide 2004-2014

Women in parliament test

Random data on the US, 2010-2014

Satellite projection of Tunisia.

d3.js and topoJson zoomable map of Tunisia

Exercise 6 Fixed

Module 5 Exercise

Module 6 Exercise

Module 4 Exercise



FIFA World Cups: Goals For v/s Goals Against

CO2 emissions data (visualization with scales and axes)

Fun with SVG and D3

Global Energy SVG and D3 Data Loading

Four most populated cities of Chihuahua

octavio - assignment 4

123 machine learning databases

alcohol consumption

My first project with D3

Man United Module 6

DWP Benefit Data

Manchester United — Module 2

Interactive hive plot

Fairfax County Hispanic diversity, week 5

Exercise 4: Temp difference from long-term average

Hispanic diversity in Fairfax County, VA

SVG with csv data

D3JS Course Week 2 (Pat Molloy)

G7 GDP (module6)

GDP per hour worked vs. Life Satisfaction (module 5)

D3 module4

G7 GDP per capita in 2019 (module3)

G7 GDP (module2)

Module 5

Module 4

D3 Bubble chart

#KnightD3 - Exercise Module 6: Multiple lines

#KnightD3 - Exercise Module 4: Adding scales and axes

#Knight D3 - Exercise Module 3 - Creating a bar chart

Facebook Government Report

San Francisco Business and Industry Week 4

SF Business & Industry

2013 RRSP Median Contributions VS Median Income

Module 2

2013 RRSP Contributions by Province/Territory

Canadian RRSP Contributions

RRSP Median Contributions by Province - 2013

Multi-line drug sentences graph

Spokane county drug sentences, 1990-2013

Revised and prettified bar graph

Film leader

Homelessness by state in the USA

Homelessness over time in the USA

Scatterplot PSE Data

Horizontal bar chart with axis

Baltimore race


House scatterplot

People's House Test

Male Eligible Uninsured by State

Exercise 6

Cleaned Up Bar Chart, Exercise 4

Exercise 2, SVG Image and Loading CSV Data

Female Earnings vs Total Median Earnings Scatterplot

Module 5 Exercise - ScatterPlot

Module 4 Exercises

Module 2 exercises

KnightD3 - Module 6

#KnightD3 - module 5

KnightD3 MOOC - Module 4 with labels

KnightD3 MOOC - module 4 Alternate version

#knightD3 Exercise rjweise

d3-composite-projections conicConformalSpain

Map styling: Erode filter in canvas

d3-composite-projections conicConformalPortugal

JSL 2015: Coropletas

JSL 2015: Mapa sencillo usando Canvas

JSL 2015: Mapa sencillo

JSL 2015: Gráfico con transiciones

JSL 2015: Gráfico con popup

D3 Trail Layout animated map with icon

D3 Trail Layout example

Module 6-Participants vs. Clients Served Line Series

D3 Trail Layout using coordinates

Scatterplot-WIC Participants and School Lunch


Module 6 exercise - Global refugee data

Module 5 exercise - Global refugee data

Module 3 exercise - Global refugee data

2014-2011 Threatened Italian journalists

2014_2011 threatened Italian journalists, per Region

Module 4 exercise - Global refugee data chart

Trees of Champaign

Most Popular Names for Baby Girls in Illinois, 1980-2013

d3 module 3

d3 intermediate module 1

Module 6 obesity line chart and small multiples

Module 5 scatterplot

Obesity data with scales

Module 3: Obesity in the United States

bar chart with full-service restaurant data

NC restaurants

Time series test

Redlist scatter plot

Module 4

Interactive bar chart

RedList Test

Module 6 Exercise: Time-Series on SF Transportation Funding

Population Estimates Test

Module 4: Homeownership Rates by MSA, with Axes and Labels

Module 4 exercise -- for debugging

Module 2: Test SVG and Home Ownership

Employment Project Data Load with D3

Scatterplot with Lasso

Canadian immigrant population between 1995 and 2006

Airline Accident Data

Chart Mod6

Chart mod5

Population by immigrant status for Canada

Chart mod6

Immigrant vs non immigrant population in Canada

Immigrant population of Canadian provinces

HLE data for men

England region HLE data


Module 4

Module 3 : Map

Module 1 : Bar chart

DVD32015 : Module 6

DVD32015_Module 5 Scatter plot

Module 2 : Stacked area chart

Songyi Lim - Drawing svg and loading in csv data

Adjustable colorbar

India - Road Accidents

Road Accidents by State in India in 2012

Annual GDP By Country (1950-1983)

Road Accidents in India - Comparison between 2011 and 2012.

Road Accident share by State in India - 2012

PGA Putting chart

US Olympic Medals

Best Selling Music Artists

Year Wise Road Accidents in India

Diamond-square Algorithm

Best Selling Artists Module 2

NHPRC Grants, Sorted by Amount

Moved to

Hyde Park - githubless gh-pages with gitolite

public-domain waiver

California Net Migration by County: 2013-2014 popup dialog

RTL flipbook (based on codrops) Demo:

California Counties

Twitterfluence Scatter: Log Scale

Twitterfluence Scatterplot

U.S. Youth Suicides - lines and bars

Suicides by State, 2013 - Scatterplot Racial Comparison

Suicide Rates by State, Year and Age Group

Mod 5 Charts

Module 2 Test

ex 6 - two lines

D3 Stacked Brush Plots

ex 4 - Ylabels on Lobbying Costs

ex 4 - Lobbying costs


ennesima prova

Exercise 6: Cash for Care recipients by age and sex

Exercise 4: Number of Cash for Care recipients by sex

Module 3: Number of cash for care recipients by age and sex

Excercise 5: Cash for Care Scatterplot




d3 final - airlines multiline

CSV from Scott

Airline delays mod2


Module 5

Module 4

Module 2

D3: Texas Tornado Map (2014) v2

D3: Texas Tornado Map (2014)

D3: Bar Chart (Networked Readiness Index - 2014)

D3: Stacked Bar Chart (Smartphone OS Marketshare)

Final Project


Module 4

Module 2

Module 3

Module 1

Module 4

Module 4

Module 5

Exercise 6 - World Bank Regional Data - Debt as a % of GNI

CPI 2014 Exercise - Module 5

CPI1314 Revised again

Concept for jQuery extensions for pynetworktables2js

Worldwide nuclear energy use: Line graph

Worldwide nuclear energy consumption 2012

Worldwide change in nuclear energy use

D3 Course Module 2

Module 6 : line graphs

Module 5 Scatterplot

BRICS countries - External debt by Country and Year

Social Progress Index Test

Module 3 - Barchart - Social progress index

Intermediate D3 - Module 4 - Chloropleth

Intermediate D3 - Module 2 - Stacked Bars

Stacked bar chart - draft 1


William Merrow - Data Visualization

Will's module 6 exercise

Will's module 5 exercise

Will's module 3 exercise

Will's module 4 exercise

wbm Module 2 Exercise - PAC data

2010-2014 International Immigration by State

2010-2014 International Immigration by State

USA Population, 2010-2014, d3 csv and svg

Module 5 - Scatterplot of greenhouse gas emissions

First D3 bar chart of emissions data

Updated bar chart with axis and scales

week 5: scatterplot National Parks Visitors vs Campers

week 2: load parks.csv, create svg

Life Expectancy

Exercise 5 Scatterplot

Scales slightly out!

D3 Exercise 2

assignment 2

Chicago Hardship Index Scatter Plot

Chicago Hardship Index Bar Chart

Version w/ error: CFPB Credit Card Complaints in Indiana

Chicago Hardship and Income Scatter Plot, Week 5

Chicago Hardship Index, Week 4

Chicago Hardship Index by Community, 2008 - 2012

Chicago Census Project and Captain America

Leaflet.js Tips, Step 3 (markers and fitBounds)

Example of Google Places Library (grab cafes within 500m)

d3 now (d3 without transitions)


timeline - seasonality detection (III)


Portugal map

Portugal banking

Portugal banking

Soccer shotplot



Integrating Cartodb.js layer toggling with Odyssey.js

odyssey.js hack three

mfa dt bootcamp web curriculum: javascript day one

mfa dt bootcamp web class: Floats demo 1

mfa dt bootcamp web class css positioning example 1: static

mfa bootcamp day 4 demo code: positioning and sizing

CartoDB JS + D3 JS

Choropleth with census CitySDK data

leaflet image overlay

OK Earthquakes V

OK Earthquakes geojson feed

html clock analog

Highcharts test

// source


genome browser

akinetic hypnodots


change colors 2

circle hop

change colors

Mo' Money; Fewer Problems

d3 gangnam style

Arc using canvas

Arc + circle

genome browser

Canadian Income Tax Line Chart

CS 725 Information Visualization - V7

Stacked Radial Area

Margin Convention

Chained Transitions II

d3 gauge

wheels on wheels on wheels

Portugal banking


Trapezoid Charts 2

Trapezoid Charts

Trapezoid Charts 2 with Total

VI7 node-link

VI7 matrix

Bahamas Flag

D3.js: Animating Stacked-to-Grouped Bars

VI5 (Overview, Zoom and Filter, Details on Demand)

polygroups visualization

rigid links

Bahamas flag

Foundations of D3: Data Binding Scope

D3.js Drag and Drop Collapsible Tree with Node Editing

Vanilla JS Calculator

Canadian RRSP Contributions

Simple SVG Path Demo

Space-separated values (PEG.js)

Cascaded treemap

Example graph DSL (PEG.js)

Turing Machine Painting

JS Bin // source

JS Bin // source

Intro to D3 Live Coding

Spread operator for reading an array

Brush scatterplot, three by one matrix

Gestalt principles demo

Sortable bar chart

Customer Experience Mapping with transitions

Capabilities - Stacked to multiple

Cleveland and McGill Elementary Perceptual Tasks

Customer Experience Mapping

Locator map + vector tiles

Transitioning hacking with clock manipulation

Inline Labels


Next Greater Numbers

Flag of Bahamas

Seasonality of ER products, small multiples

Stroke Dash Interpolation

Visualizacion en 3d notas

grades visualization

Plebiscito en Colombia

Line Chart: Recent College Graduates



word random walk

selection-multi and transition rollup


Violations 2012 calendar view

Calendar Alternate Orientation v4 update

Calendar View v4

Visualizing Distributions

Housing Violations Data - 2012

Orthographic Clipping



MLP Neural Network for O.C.R.








House / d3

Pie Explode

Simple stream + interpolation, layout offset & axes

number guessing (english)

d3-template: timeSeries

Number guessing

d3-template: barCharts

Bars transitioning over text

swirling circles

Reusable scatter plot

Zoom to Bounding Box II

Hollow Globe [UNLISTED]

Conic projection with negative parallels [UNLISTED]


Spiral Circle [UNLISTED]

U.S. States TopoJSON small multiples

list d3 color schemes

Force-Directed Tree, fixing angles [UNLISTED]

Line with Missing Data

Area with Missing Data

Inline Labels


26.HTML div styling for tooltip

25. SVG element tooltip

23. CSS hover vs mouseover-mouseout-transition




24.browser default tooltip






15.x-y-axis scatter transition


12. click-transition 2

11. click-once barChart transition

Spline Transition

Line Transition 1: (Broken)


9. key-function-update-pattern

8. update-enter-merge-exit

6. linear-x-axis histogram

Line Transition1

linecross labels

bar negative table #2

click-to-zoom w. shadow & transition

Map 8 - map w. zoom

Map 8 - map w. zoom

Map 7 - dotmap

TDD Bushing Demo

Tutorial 5b: HPPC Platform Workunit, Alternative View